Wreckfest Mobile, a port of the popular vehicular destruction sim, is heading for iOS and Android

Wreckfest Mobile, a port of the popular vehicular destruction sim, is heading for iOS and Android
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After being released on Nintendo Switch and originally developed by BugBear, then published by THQ, the popular vehicular combat/racing game combo Wreckfest will finally be making its way to mobile, courtesy of publisher HandyGames.

If Wreckfest isn’t a familiar name to you, think of the classic vehicle destruction-based games like FlatOut, Destruction Derby, or Street Rod. All of these games focus on one thing; absolutely obliterating a large variety of cars, both in car-based deathmatches and normal races.

And Wreckfest is no different in this regard! While most of the stages and levels you’ll take on are quasi-obstacle courses, designed to see if you can make it to the end without destroying your wheels, there is also a significant amount of race tracks that incorporate the same philosophy.

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See, whereas in games like Asphalt or other arcade racers, you’d likely be doing everything in your power to avoid hitting your opponents so you can maintain speed. Wreckfest isn’t about that life, and instead encourages you to focus on ramming your opposition as hard as you can to take them out entirely. Think more Burnout, less Need for Speed for comparison.

And in between those races, you’ll take on challenge courses that are designed to test how well you can maneuver your vehicle without destroying yourself. This offers up a good bit of variety into Wreckfest, and expands upon your normal racing game in an interesting way that keeps things fresh.

As of right now, Wreckfest does not have an official release date, but you can keep up-to-date with any news on both that regard and generally any word on Wreckfest by tuning into the HandyGames Official website! In the meantime, we do know that once it launches, Wreckfest will be available on both Android and iOS, so all mobile players out there can get their fix!

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