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Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic tips and hints

Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic tips and hints

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Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic is a massively multiplayer online role-playing title set in an adventure-filled fantasy world that's chocked full to the brim with places to explore, quests to complete and enemies to battle with. Sounds complicated? That's where Fantasy Tales tips come into play. 

As the courageous hero of the story, you'll travel around the in-game world helping its inhabitants with a variety of tasks, which more often than not involve exploring new destinations, finding specific items, and slaying baddies to save helpless natives.

Being an MMORPG, Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic allows you to meet and chat with other real-world players from around the globe. If you ever find yourself in a pickle and you need a helping hand, you can even team up with other heroes and tackle quests together.

Along the way, you can find new and more powerful weapons and armour and use the experience you gain from battling to improve your character and unlock new skills.

There's lots to do in Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic and you'd be forgiven for wondering where to begin when you first start playing it.

Thankfully, we've put together a few tips for Fantasy Tales that should give you the best possible start to the game.

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Tip #1 - Your choice of character is very important

One of the first - and by far the most important - things you're tasked with doing in Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic is choosing a character.

There are six different heroes to choose from and each of the heroes has a unique class. The class you choose will not only determine how you play through the game, but will also dictate the overall difficulty level that you'll face.

If you prefer getting up close and personal and battering enemies with melee attacks, the Omni Warrior or Rosen Knight characters are probably your best bet. The stealthy Shadow Assassin is also a melee character, but takes the game's difficulty level from average all the way up to the maximum.

If ranged attacks are more your cup of tea, there's the magic-wielding Rune Mage and a bow-brandishing Elven Archer - both of which come with an above-average difficulty rating.

Finally, there's the Holy Priest, who is also a ranged character but specialises in healing magic rather than powerful attacks. If you're looking to play through Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic on its lowest difficulty setting, this should be your pick.

Tip #2 - Upgrades will grant you the upper hand

As you progress through Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic, you'll encounter stronger and more fierce enemies that will kick your backside if you haven't been paying attention to character upgrades.

There are multiple ways to enhance your hero and they're all essential to your success.

The first and most basic of these is equipment. You can outfit your character with a weapon and a range of armour, which will increase their health, attack and defence stats and provide other bonuses like increased accuracy and more critical damage.

Whenever you pick up a new piece of equipment, be sure to check if it's better than something you already have equipped. You can further improve the attributes of your equipment by fitting them with soul stones and subsequently upgrading those.

Making your various skills more powerful will also greatly boost your chances of long-term survival. You can upgrade skills using the aptly-named skill points, which you earn as you complete side quests and level up your character.

More upgrades become available the further you make it into the game, such as the ability to power up your battle pets. Don't ignore these.

Tip #3 - Be sure to grab your free benefits and rewards

If you tap on the benefits button near the top-right of your device's screen, there are a whole host of freebies just waiting to be claimed.

For starters, you can bag yourself mountains of silver, new weapons, rare armour, soul stones and crystals and even a new mount just for opening Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic every day for up to 30 days.

You can also earn free crystals, silver, soul stones and other useful items every time that your character gains ten levels up to level 60. Once again, you can redeem these bonuses in the benefits section.

Finally, there's the gift roulette. This is also found under the benefits section and allows you to spin a wheel and collect prizes up to six times per day. The prizes on offer include silver, soul stones and treasure maps.

And with this, we're closing off Fantasy Tales tips, as there's nothing more worth adding at the moment.

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