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Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond tips and hints

Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond tips and hints

Surviving in a fantasy world filled with monsters isn't an easy task but you can boost your odds of success with these hints and tips for Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond.

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Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond is a Japanese-style retro role-playing title with a twist. You see, it's also an idle title, which means the game's semi-turn-based battles will play out without your direct input.

Set in the fantasy world of Emond, Pixel Heroes sees you lead a diverse party of adventurers as they attempt to prevent the downfall of their home at the hands of the dormant demon king, who - for the first time in millennia - is about to awaken.

Like in other RPGs, the warriors in your squad can be upgraded and enhanced to boost their stats and skills and equipped with a variety of weapons and armour that will increase their proficiency in a scrap.

Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond is jam-packed to the rafters with battles against all manner of beasties, so your party of fighters will need to be at the pinnacle of their powers at all times if you want to avoid them perishing prematurely.

Here are three tips that will help you to do just that.

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Tip #1 - Improve your party at every opportunity

a screenshot showing a selection of the characters available in pixel heroes

The first and easiest way to improve your party is by recruiting new members. You can do this by tapping on the sanctum tab near the bottom-left of your screen and then hitting the hero summon option.

To perform summons you'll need a ticket-like item called a covenant, which you can earn by finishing some of the many daily tasks Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond has to offer.

For each summon you complete you'll receive an additional hero with a rating between one and five stars. The hero you receive will be chosen completely at random and it's quite common to be presented with duplicates.

Once you've filled your squad with high-ranked fighters you'll want to use the spoils you grab from battles to level them up and increase their attack, defence, health, and speed stats. You'll also want to equip them with any weapons and armour you find on your journey.

You can do all of the above enhancements through the hero tab at the bottom of your screen.

Tip #2 - Keep an eye on the job roles within your party

a diagram of the strengths and weaknesses of each of the character classes in pixel heroes

Characters in Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond will have one of four unique job roles and fall into one of five classes.

The four job roles are defence, assault, magic and support and they're all self-explanatory if you've ever played an RPG before. The five classes are alliance, wild, forest, sanctuary and darkin.

The alliance class has a leg up against the wild class, whereas the wild class excels against the forest class. Said forest class is proficient against the alliance class. That leaves the sanctuary and darkin classes, which effectively cancel each other out.

There's another reason to keep an eye on the class of each of your party members.

If you send a set number of heroes of a certain class into battle, you can earn significant HP and attack power bonuses. If you deploy six alliance, wild, or forest warriors at the same time, for example, your attack power and HP will rise by 20 and 30 per cent respectively.

Tip #3 - Advance through story mode to unlock everything on offer

a shot of the in-game sanctum and some of the features that need to be unlocked

When you open Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond for the first time, you'll notice that a lot of the game's features are locked and that the only way to gain access to them is by playing through chapters of the story.

As you advance through the story in Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond and begin to unlock features like the arena, it's incredibly easy to become distracted and take your foot off the gas when it comes to story progression.

If you can, focus on making headway through the story until you hit around chapter five and unlock close to everything there is to unlock.

When we say don't get distracted, that doesn't mean you have to completely ignore the new features you gain access to, mind.

The hero alter, for example, which you can access through the sanctum, can be extremely helpful to your adventures. It allows you to trade weak or duplicate members of your party for items like experience potions and soul crystals that can be used to improve your party members.

We hope you found these tips helpful. If you're on the lookout for another fantasy-filled RPG, you should check out our tips and hints for the massively multiplayer online title Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic. If offline RPGs are more your thing, we've also compiled some tips for Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy.

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