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World Flipper tier list and a reroll guide

World Flipper tier list and a reroll guide

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Updated on September 20th, 2023 - checked for new units. Awakened Fang Nimbus, Frigid Ice Queen Cipher, Floof Nurse Pythica coming soon. 

If you're eager to learn who the best characters are, then our World Flipper tier list will most certainly come in handy! We've ranked all the units released in the game's Japanese version into a tier list, so if you're eager to learn how your favourites are ranked, then this is the right place to be. 

Our World Flipper tier list below ranks all the characters belonging to a specific element in individual tiers, so if you need to search for a particular one, then make sure to look for it in the element tier list associated with that particular hero. 

That's not all though. We've also got a reroll guide and a reroll tier list, so make sure to check those too if you're just starting out in the game! 

The best characters in World Flipper

The characters are ranked based on their overall strength in all the game's content, and then we have a tier for "unison" which is something of a "support" position. Placing a unit in unison will only strengthen the main unit, but certain characters are better used as support rather than a main

Our list is based on the Japanese version of the game, so you might spot some units that are not available in Global just yet. The names might not be perfectly translated either, so we're actively making an effort to keep this up-to-date and adjust any mistakes to fit the GL release (we edit the names as we obtain the units). 

Wind  |  Fire  |  Water  |  Thunder  |  Light  |  Dark

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World Flipper Wind tier list

SS Fluffy, Mischievous Spearwoman Melmyna
S Millet, Nevia, Schult, Paragon of Hope Estariel, Estariel (Half Flipperversary)
A Sonya, Celtie, Phiria, Murakumo, Asami Tano, Esterielle, Shywe (Summer), Shywe, Soushiro, Leon (Summer Yukata), Fluffy (Christmas), Mimi, Marchia, Saki Nikaido (Zombieland Saga), Celtie (Anniversary), Piamo, Kohane, Akemi Sato, Heartleaf,
B Lemarque, Suzuka, Leon, Gouran, Rumi Okubo, Yuuki Takada, Kokkoro (Princess Connect), Shult, Rie Murakawa, Suzuka (New Year), Ram (Re:Zero), Ricardo, Shiro, Mia, Orouru, Arisa, Milmina (Halloween), Merienna, Kugui, Shiro (Christmas), Evan, Lecitar, Juster, Netty, Pojito (S tier unison)
C All the remaining units

World Flipper Fire tier list

SS Marina (Anniversary), Rolf, Hanabi (Anniversary)
S Eclair (Summer), Leticia (Valentine), Marina, Clarisse, Nikola
A Repressor Rinne Hikawa, Suizen, Quare, Zeta, Leticia, Haruhi, Suzumiya, Wagner, Marianne (Christmas), Kikuno, Bianca (Christmas), Nagihara Nao, Hanabi, Enni, Emiri Kato, Yuka Otsubo, Kisho Taniyama, Kana Hanazawa
B Hotheaded Swordsman Kuramaru, Toria, Liao, Ecrire (Summer), Ryunon, Misogi, Rika Kinugawa, Noene (New Year), Mia (Summer), Maihime, Azel (Summer), Kyon, Undercover Maid Marianne, Yuki Ono, Hikawa Rinne, Pizzica, Revy (New Year), Arc, Azel, Kanon, Revy, Milmina, Nasir, Yugiri (Zombieland Saga), Kenta Miyake
C All the remaining units

World Flipper Water tier list

SS Rem (Re:Zero), Sheyron, Rakisha
S Restorer Seiji Takamori, Barrier Defender Yuki Mishima, Emilia (Re:Zero), Amelia, Amelia (Half Flipperversary), Yuki Nagato, Anbach, Mutsumi Tamura, Cipher, Kaede Hondo
A Captivating Maid Rain, Shuilong, Halidal, Mamnalia, Sheyron (Beast), Mishima Yuki, Cipher (Anniversary), Inori Minase, Toraetti (New Year), Kyouka, Justy, Sonya, Eliya (New Year), Lazeret, Sakura Minamoto (Zombieland Saga), Kentaro Ito, Shirano (Summer), Zaar, Jelal (Summer)
B Fraxis, Raylas (Christmas), Suizen, Sirene, Rimnis, Raylas, Sauvi, Mizuchi, Kohsuke Toriumi, Lanner, Sharon, Alice, Yuwei, Takamori Seiji, Lanner (Halloween), Evelyn, Facon, Nate, Yuma Uchida, Sotieth
C All the remaining units

World Flipper Thunder tier list

SS Sera, Sha Susu
S Renoir, Barak, Regis (Anniversary)
A Metis, Twink, Illumi (Summer), Bercetia (Summer), Zantetsu, Ai Kakuma, Merry Mailman Aureo, Marquis, Sera (Summer), Memram, Helga (Beast), Kazutake Tooru, Shiro (Anniversary), Yuki Tanaka, Beaucy (New Year), Lunalu, Editha, Rudy, Saintly Samurai Soushiro, Natsumi Kawaida, Sumire Uesaka
B Inaho, Cagliostro, Soushiro (Christmas), Rhode, Botan, Stryna, Risa Taneda, Erii Yamazaki, Tect, Rams, Regis, Azumi Waki, Jay, Mino, Telna, Rie Takahashi, Edita, Wakana Kowaka
C All the remaining units

World Flipper Light tier list

SS Magical Music Lover Lyra, Lazeret, Bulleta, Orvelle
S Nephteim (Half Anniversary), Stinel, The Farlan Saint Orvelle, Ostensibly On-Trend Inaho
A Light's Successor Lilith, Corinna, Eliya, The Guiding Flame Firamelia, Minami Tanaka, Makoto Furukawa, Eliya (Valentine's), Lilith (Summer), Inaho (Summer), Nephteim, Nephteim (Summer Yukata), Zekhel, Orvelle (New Year), Nate (Valentine), Lila, Lily Oshikawa (Zombieland Saga), Philia (Anniversary), Diletta, Illumi, Stella, Ellya
B Seriol, Rengetsu, Mikuru Asahina, Ecrire, Inaho, Lila (Halloween), Tajes, Liebraum, Shiori Izawa, Aki Toyosaki, Pecorine (PriConne), Philamelia, Floretta (Valentine's), Fini, Sariha, Souvi (Summer), Dia, Ruiko Noguchi, Kira, Uchimura Fumiko, Yuuki Kuwahara
C All the remaining units

World Flipper Dark tier list

SS HW ★ Night Girl Love, Vyron, Gravity Manipulator Inori Shota
S Selgir (Half Flipperversary), Falsche, Uncouth Alchemist Bryce, Sergil (Half Anniversary), Belsidia, Carla, Olivia, Maki Kawase
A Hope in the Darkness, Lil Devil Diva Dia, Kazuki Furuta, Couette, Maelviola, Kotono Mitsuishi, Manami Numakura, Dine, Primula, Love (Halloween), Inori Shouta, Couette (Anniversary), Karyl, Olivia, Murakumo, Junko Konno (Zombieland Saga), Alm (Christmas), Virgia, Marianne, Love (Skyscraper), Bryce, Kento Fujinuma, Aya Hirano, Cody
B Beatrix, Alice (Summer), Dia (Halloween), Dine, Educerus, Yakumo, Yukari Tamura, Subaru Natsuki (Re:Zero), Ayasa Ito, Edward, Lonsdale, Tawil, Kageoka Ryuichi, Chinatsu Akasaki, Liam, Quartzer, Sergil, Marguerite (Summer), Greig, Zelma, Ari (Anniversary), Falce, Rebecca, Saima Nakano, Eduardo, Gakuto Kajiwara
C All the remaining units

World Flipper reroll guide

While the game doesn't have an infinite reroll gacha that will let you summon indefinitely until you get the characters you want, it has a super simple reroll process. All you need to do is follow one of the methods below and you're ready to roll! Just keep in mind that for the first two you need to run a Guest Account.

Before you reroll, you need to make sure to complete the tutorial and then head over to the Home screen and claim the 1500 Lodestar Beads in your mailbox. Use these along with the 1500 you have for free when finishing the tutorial to summon twice the 10x gacha. If you don't like any of the results, then proceed with one of the reroll methods below!

  • Method #1: Go to your Settings -> Apps -> search for World Flipper -> Delete Cache and Clear Data. Run the game again, and wait for all the data to download (roughly 3 GB), then skip all tutorials and you're ready to summon!
  • Method #2: Delete the game -> Reinstall it. Run the game, wait for all the data to download, skip all the tutorials and then start summoning.
  • Method #3: Log in with a Google/Facebook/Apple account -> Do the summons as usual -> if you want to reset, simply log out and log in using a different bound account (for instance, if you first used Google, you can use Facebook the second time around).

World Flipper reroll tier list

If you reroll, it's normal to know exactly which units you want to reroll for. My suggestion would be to go for the following:

  • Rakisha
  • Cipher
  • Sera
  • Vyron
  • Bulleta
  • Rolf
  • Philamelia
  • Orvelle
  • Razelt
  • Clarisse

Now that we've got these out of the way, it's time to dive into the actual World Flipper tier list! Make sure to use the quick links below if you want to check a specific element's tier.

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