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Disney Mirrorverse tier list of best guardians that you can pick

Disney Mirrorverse tier list of best guardians that you can pick

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Updated on: May 10th, 2022 - re-checked the tier list

If you're looking for an index of all the characters, sorted into a complete Disney Mirrorverse tier list, then you're in the right place. Our article will help you pick some of the best Guardians in the game and make it easier to decide which ones are really worth investing your resources into, and which aren't worth your time. 

In Disney Mirrorverse, all the characters are called 'Guardians'. They each have a particular skill set that is related to their signature characteristics - Some characters are super powerful in specific teams, while others can be viable in any sort of composition. These characters also have a star rating, with the ones having a higher star rating being stronger, naturally. Some of the 5* Guardians are worthwhile, for instance, Mickey mouse is one of the best healers in the game at the moment, therefore it is to be expected to see him in the S+ tier. 

Disney Mirrorverse tier list - which are the best Guardians?

In order to determine which Mirrorverse characters are the best, we've ranked them based on their abilities and maxed out stats. They also need the right Talents in order to shine, and therefore it's a pretty lengthy process. You will probably think that heroes are all good depending on the content, which is true to an extent. However, in order to min-max your team, you're better off picking the characters we've listed in the higher tiers (S+, S, and A tiers). 

Our Disney Mirrorverse tier list is mainly a general one, so if you're looking for the best characters for a specific instance, then we'll make sure to create something once the game has officially launched. 

Enough with the introductions though! Let's check out the Disney Mirrorverse tier list that you've come here for.

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Disney Mirrorverse S+ tier characters

Guardians at the top of the Mirrorverse tier list are exceptional, and they are definitely worth maxing out the first chance you get. They can be exceptional in pretty much any team, so they can be viable at any given time.

S+ Tier

Mickey Mouse
Jack Skellington
Mr. Incredible
Hiro Hamada

Disney Mirrorverse S tier characters

While they are not as great as the S+ Guardians, S tier characters are also super good and you should use them if you get any of them. Evil Queen, Snow White, and Anger are almost in the S+ tier, so they're really, really great choices as well.

S Tier

Frank Wolff
Oogie Boogie
Judy Hopps
Jack Sparrow
Evil Queen
Snow White

Disney Mirrorverse A tier characters

You can reliably use any of the Guardians in the middle of the Mirrorverse tier list, as long as you don't have anything better to go for. They can be good, even exceptional in certain instances, yet still fall short when compared to the S-tier options.

A Tier

Buzz Lightyear

Disney Mirrorverse B tier characters

B Tier Guardians are the lower middle of the pack - they are not exceptional, yet they aren't as bad as you might tend to believe. Units like Genie and Maleficent can be good, but they have certain "qualities" that make them less viable than the units ranked higher on this list.

B Tier

Scrooge McDuck
Mike Wazowski
Donald Duck

Disney Mirrorverse C tier characters

We don't recommend using these characters too much, since they tend to fall off towards the late game. You're better off using some of the higher-tier ranked Guardians.

C Tier

Ian Lightfoot
Minnie Mouse
Captain Hook
Tinker Bell
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