wipEout Rush is an upcoming card-based racer with merge mechanics that's heading for iOS and Android this year

wipEout Rush is an upcoming card-based racer with merge mechanics that's heading for iOS and Android this year

Today, publisher Rogue Games has announced that they will be releasing a new WIPEOUT game for iOS and Android devices later this year. It is being developed by Amuzo and looks to combine the original look from the classic games with a comic-book art style and merge mechanics.

It might not be the experience ardent WIPEOUT fans are hoping for then. Rather than relying on your racing chops, wipEout Rush sees players acting as a team manager, looking to pick the best ships for each race before equipping them with the most suitable gear and weapons. Outside of races, they can merge anti-gravity ships to unlock new vehicles.

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In total, there will be 60 different ships to unlock alongside an array of weapons fans of the franchise will likely recognise. Beyond that, players can expect five tracks and 12 Championship Cups, each with their own bosses and rewards. If you fancy something a little less involved, you can dive into Quick Race for a snappier experience. You can check out some gameplay in the video below.

Discussing the game, Matt Casamassina, chief executive officer at Rogue said: “I was raised on the console WIPEOUT™ games—and those will continue to live on PlayStation hardware—but we wanted to reinvent the breakneck speed and gorgeous presentation of the series for a new breed of players on mobile devices.”

He added: “We’re working closely with Amuzo and Sony Interactive Entertainment to ensure wipEout Rush delivers an experience that is both complementary and additive to the core console one, but also very accessible and fresh for gamers on the go.”

wipEout Rush will release on the App Store and Google Play later this year. There is currently no word on the exact date or the pricing, but we will update you when we learn more.

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