Twitch rolls out discovery feed for iOS and Android

The streaming site wants to get you to find your next big streamer

Twitch rolls out discovery feed for iOS and Android
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  • Twitch's discovery feed goes live on iOS and Android as of today
  • It allows you to view feeds, clips and more from streamers Twitch thinks you might like
  • The move is aimed at giving people more to see when a streamer they watch isn't live

Streaming site Twitch is set to roll out the new discovery feed for its mobile app on iOS and Android. The discovery feed is essentially what it says on the tin, and is a dedicated section of the app for showing you new streamers and communities. It'll feature both a live and clips feed, with recommended content creators and features clips from their streams.

According to Twitch, most viewers only visit the site when they know a streamer they want to watch is live, and when they have at least 30 minutes of spare time. The aim then is for the Discovery feed to draw people in on the mobile app when they have time to spare.

The introduction of the new Discovery feed is part of Twitch's aim to grow the site, and the audience for content creators. Although here at PocketGamer towers we've been discussing whether or not it might also be an attempt to challenge short-form apps like TikTok which have also been taking a slice of the gaming pie. It's also notable that Twitch seems to be prioritising mobile here, which given the growth of mobile gaming as a streaming genre, makes a lot of sense.

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CEO Dan Clancy recently penned an open letter to content creators on Twitch laying out the company's plans for growing the platform, and thus their audience. But the feed is likely to only be seen by existing users who, as mentioned before, may not be interested in other streamers. So while a discovery feed is a step in the right direction, it's likely to only be a part of a growing move to try and reignite the growth that the streaming platform has previously seen.

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