Is Wild Rift still popular in 2022?

Is Wild Rift still popular in 2022?

Wild Rift is the mobile ported version of the popular billion-dollar title League of Legends by Riot Games. There's no doubt that the game had seen rising popularity during its initial phases of the open beta for Asian regions and an eventual global release.

However, if you are an existing player of Wild Rift, you might be noticing that some of your friends in your list haven’t logged on for quite a while or that the matchmaking is taking much longer than you usually are accustomed to. Is it because Wild Rift is dying? Is Wild Rift still popular in 2022? We will be answering such questions and backing them with statistical data in this article.

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Wild Rift was launched by Riot Games as a substitute for players who could not play League of Legends on their PC. After long hyping the game, it saw an eventual global release for NA, EU, Asia, OCE, and Russia on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Surpassing over 10 million downloads within the first month of the release itself, Wild Rift had a huge jump start compared to most other MOBA games for mobile. Averaging around 1 million active players per day in 2020 according to the rough estimate made by activeplayer.io, Wild Rift surpassed all mobile MOBA games except Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Well, the current statistics of Wild Rift seem to be following suit of their initial release as the game continues to grow its active player base month by month. According to data by activeplayer.io that states the active daily player comparison between the time period from 30th April 2021 till 30th September 2022, Wild Rift’s growth and performance seem to be excelling more than its competitors.

While the number of active daily players was around 0.6 million in April 2021, the number of daily active players shot up to over 2 million in September 2022. The markup growth of over 300% is a testament in itself to how well Wild Rift is doing in the market in terms of attracting and retaining players. Many factors can be attributed to this substantial growth, such as the inclusion of new popular champions like Yone, Vex, Yasuo, and Caitlyn in the game. Another aspect to consider is the number of advertisements the game has seen over the past years to attract new players.


A big part of deciding whether a game is dying or still popular is to check the amount of money it’s making compared to what it used to make. If the numbers are increasing, then it means the game is going on a healthy trajectory and is profitable for the company. If the numbers show a decreasing trend, then it’s a sign of concern whether the game can make it in the long run or shut down along the way. For Wild Rift, the numbers are astoundingly positive and show a healthy increase in revenue according to a recent revenue report by SensorTower. The report states that Wild Rift constitutes over 75% of Riot Game’s mobile game portfolio by generating over $500 million in total revenue. Wild Rift is ranked No.2 in terms of highest-grossing MOBA just behind Honor of Kings by Tencent Games, a China-exclusive game.

Wild Rift has been downloaded by over 600k unique users in October 2022 alone while generating a revenue of $4 million combined for all of its servers. This data does not include the China server revenue as it is not published online.


E-sports is a big part of competitive games and Wild Rift is no exception. Riot Games has continued its promised support to diversify and expand the League of Legends esports scene with Wild Rift across the globe. Global and regional tournaments such as the Wild Rift Circuit Asia and Horizon Cup are just among some of the officially organized tournaments by Riot Games for Wild Rift. These tournaments also boast huge prize pools and big team names such as KT Rolster, Nova Esports, and EVOS esports.

Naturally, they must be attracting a ton of fans and viewers for the tourneys, right? Yes, it seems Wild Rift's viewership has grown tremendously over the past year in 2022. According to data curated by Stream Hatchet, Wild Rift saw an average viewership of 6.5 million hours combined till April 2021. On the other hand, the total viewership for January 2022 to May 2022 has been over 12.7 million hours combined - a steady jump of 200% in just a year. To give credit where credit is due, the number of air time live hours also increased as Wild Rift saw over 21 new tourneys as of 2022.

In conclusion, we can safely say that Wild Rift is quite alive and healthy. In fact, it is growing at a tremendous rate with Riot Game’s dedication to building a lively community for mobile-ported League of Legends. Leave a comment on your thoughts regarding the health of Wild Rift as of 2022!

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