Is Wild Rift landing on Switch and when

Is Wild Rift landing on Switch and when
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| League of Legends: Wild Rift

It's no secret that League of Legends is one of the most popular games in the world - and since League of Legends: Wild Rift was released on mobile devices, many gamers worldwide want to be able to play this game on other platforms. One of the most requested platforms is the Nintendo Switch.

Riot did officially announce that Wild Rift will hit the consoles eventually, but didn't give us a precise date when it's going to happen.


Before answering this guide's main question, it would be best if you knew how the discussion of this topic started. In May 2021, a few months after the game was released on mobile devices, Riot Games posted a few job vacancies. And in all these vacancies, they tried to find game developers for consoles. These vacancies were available for less than 1 month, and developers deleted them from the official careers page of Riot Games.


There are no official comments about this situation. After this incident, the community couldn't stop discussing Wild Rift’s release on Nintendo Switch. So, you need to remember that whatever you read below is only an assumption based on various factors and information. Nobody knows for sure if the game is going to be released on Nintendo Switch.


If you play Wild Rift, you've probably watched the video when Riot Games announced the release of this game. Even though the release of the game on a mobile platform is the central topic of the video, it's important to pay attention to another aspect. In the video, developers said that they will release the game on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Currently, they have been working on this release for approximately a year. If we take into account that they already have the game version optimized for touch devices, this process will not take a lot of time. So, it's possible that Wild Rift will be released on Switch soon. However, nobody knows for sure. The best option is to follow the developers' social media and wait.

And if you are planning to play Wild Rift on Switch, you can register your account and play the game on mobile. It will allow you to get some heroes and start on Switch with a developed account. The fact is that Wild Rift has a unique synchronization system. So, there may be an opportunity to transfer your account from your smartphone to Nintendo, which is excellent.

Of course, there are no official comments on this topic yet, so only you can decide whether to start playing on mobile or not.

That said, although there is no official information, Riot Games announced 2 years ago that they will continue developing League of Legends for consoles. So, the release of Wild Rift on Switch is most likely to happen in the future - nobody knows for sure when it will be, though.

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