Is Wild Rift better than LoL? Let's compare them

Is Wild Rift better than LoL? Let's compare them

Ever felt like comparing Wild Rift and League of Legends? In this article, we will be doing a direct comparison between the League of Legends franchise-based games according to different people’s opinions. Players will get to see stark differences in both games and their comparisons side by side.


A direct answer to this question might not be possible as there are factors to consider while playing both Wild Rift and LoL. Although both games offer the same game, the differences arise in the actual game mechanics, presentation, community, and much more. Firstly, Wild Rift is a mobile game that features the full experience of League of Legends at your fingertips.

Meanwhile, League of Legends is the original game for PC that came in 2009. Many users like Redditor Furious_One quote “Wild Rift is just much more fun. WR can be played anywhere, not just with a computer locked to your desk”. Many other users on the Reddit thread “Anyone else prefer WR over LoL?” seemed to share the same sentiments with another Redditor HYPER_CATZILLA stating “LOL is way too long for my liking”.


One of the biggest gripes about playing League of Legends on your PC is perhaps the amount of time spent per game. Games in Wild Rift are quite short compared to LoL. The average game time in Wild Rift seems to be around 20 minutes. We all know that this is a much lower average than the 40-minute game times in League of Legends. Adding to lower game times, the comfort of playing your favourite MOBA game anywhere and at any time is the biggest pro of Wild Rift.

Adding to the time spent in queues while waiting for the "match found" screen to pop up, Wild Rift simply outshines LoL in this aspect. In fact, this problem has seen much attention and has been questioned by different players. In June 2019, TF Blade, a popular Twitch League of Legends streamer, tweeted the following message –


The core gameplay experience of any game might be determined by its ease of playability and accessibility. Wild Rift is a mobile game that makes use of the touch-and-tap nature of the device while League of Legends is a PC game that requires players to use their keyboard and mouse. Avoiding this long debate of what’s more comfortable and suitable is the best decision we can make here as all players have their own opinions and comfort devices that they like to play their games on. It's not to say that many players who have played LoL have also played Wild Rift and found enjoyment in the simplicity of the game.

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Yes, Wild Rift is a “simpler” game as many fans worldwide pointed out. However, the simplicity is not due to the game dumbing down its mechanics purposely but to adjust to the mobile device and ease of playing appropriately. A Redditor named DTK97 shared his opinion on the matter, stating, “I do look forward to WR adding additional depth as time goes on. I miss rune, champion, and role diversity that LoL definitely has the advantage of.”

Some of the stark differences in the gameplay mechanics between Wild Rift and LoL can be seen in the champion designs. For example, Lee Sin, a popular jungle champion in Wild Rift, does not need to tap or click on an ally champion or ward to perform his W ability like it needs to be done in LoL. A combination of perfectly timed W, R, and Q was called an Insec technique that deemed how skilled a player was with the champion Lee Sin. In Wild Rift, Lee Sin can simply click on any area of the map to dash with his W which makes performing the Insec technique easier. Many more differences exist in champion abilities between the two games, making Wild Rift easier to play compared to LoL but more optimised for the sake of the mobile platform.


Building your favourite champions the way you want to was one of the most attractive features of League of Legends PC. While Wild Rift has many items that are in LoL, the amount of diversity that can be seen in the mobile-ported version of League of Legends seems to be extremely limited.

Be it the number of items, runes, or champions themselves, players who have played both games are in sync when they say that LoL PC has a much higher diversity when it comes to building your champions the way you want them to function. For example, a popular range of items called “Mythic Items” that enhance the way any champion is played is still missing from Wild Rift even after 2 years since release. LoL PC continues to add more items while balancing the current ones with its patch notes almost on a bi-weekly basis while Wild Rift does the same at a much slower pace.


All players have somewhere felt the urge of competing in the ranked mode available in both Wild Rift and LoL. For many players, the dream of joining an esports organization and participating in tourneys with huge prize pools is quite real. This aspect of comparing both the games stems from the root competitive nature of MOBAs in general.

League of Legends PC version supports a wider variety of competitive game modes in general, like the Clash feature and the regional splits that are held in each Riot-supported region such as LPL, LCK, LEC, LCS, and VCS. Coupled with international events such as League of Legends World Cup and Mid-Season Invitational, LoL PC’s competitive scene is quite diverse and well-meshed together after years of successful runs. On the other hand, Wild Rift also sees some regional tourneys such as Wild Rift Champions SEA, SEA Icons, and the Wild Circuit Asia Invitational. While the competitive aspect of Wild Rift is still fresh and growing, the number of competitive events and fan following is still shallow compared to LoL.

In conclusion, it’s a tough choice. It boils down to the personal preference of the players. We recommend playing both Wild Rift and LoL if you can and making the comparisons yourself. Leave a comment below and explain which one you prefer and why!

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