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How to install Wild Rift on Huawei phones?

How to install Wild Rift on Huawei phones?

Wild Rift is one of the most popular mobile games nowadays that you can play on Android and IOS. There are many players worldwide who enjoy this video game daily, but owners of Huawei phones might face various problems while installing Wild Rift. Read this guide to learn how to install Wild Rift on Huawei phones.


The fact is that all Andriod smartphones have a close connection with Google Services. Gmail, Google Play Games, Google Docs, and Google Sheets are mobile devices' most widely used apps. Until 2019, you could freely install all these apps on Huawei phones.

But in 2019, Huawei got under US sanctions. As a result, Google and a few other big corporations stopped supporting Huawei phones. So, if you buy a Huawei smartphone released after 2019, there will be no Google Play, YouTube, or other essential applications.

However, even after this conflict, Huawei continued to develop smartphones. Moreover, they created their own ecosystem. As an alternative to Google Play, Huawei suggests using AppGallery.

This app is not as bad as it might seem at first glance. Here, you can download all popular apps like Instagram, Telegram, TikTok, and others. There are also plenty of video games available for download, but at the same time, a number of developers still haven't added their games to AppGallery yet.

Among these developers is Riot Games, which means their game League of Legends: Wild Rift isn't on the list. However, it doesn't mean that you can't play this game on Huawei phones. Continue reading the guide and you will learn how to install Wild Rift on Huawei.


The main problem is that Wild Rift is not available in AppGallery, and the simplest way to solve this issue is to install another Market app. The best option is to install Galaxy Store. You only need to search for “Download Galaxy Store for Huawei” on your browser. 

Once you have Galaxy Store installed, you should install the second app - Gspace. You can also find it on the internet. Gspace is used to avoid authorization in Galaxy Store and install Wild Rift.


So, once these two apps are on your smartphone, you need to open Gspace. After this, you need to find Galaxy Store and click the "Clone" button. After that, the Galaxy Store app will appear in the special menu. Open it and install Wild Rift. But remember that you will not be able to sign in using a Google account; that is the only disadvantage.

Also, it will be pretty challenging to update the game in the future. You will have to reinstall Galaxy Store and Gspace to get the latest update in Wild Rift.

In conclusion, even though officially you can't download Wild Rift in AppGallery, there is a tricky way to get it on a Huawei phone. You will not get banned or kicked from the game by playing it on a Huawei smartphone.

If you manage to start the game, you'll definitely need assistance in countering Darius in Wild Rift, as he'll make your life miserable if you're new to the game!