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What are the best counters for Darius in Wild Rift

What are the best counters for Darius in Wild Rift

One of the most exciting things in Wild Rift is the characters - the more characters you can use professionally, the better player you are. A big part of the game is countering the enemy champions, and right here you will find the best counters for Darius in Wild Rift.


Wild Rift Darius gameplay screenshot

The fact is that the characters in the game are poorly balanced. Some of the strongest champions in Wild Rift are used more often than others, and Darius is one such character. He has powerful attack stats and many health points, making him a more popular and easy-to-play champion, even for beginners.

In Wild Rift, there are some counters even for powerful characters like Darius. It does not mean they are more powerful than him in battle situations, but it does mean you can eliminate even the more skilled Darius in your lane using these champions. So, let’s start with the first counter.


Akali character in Wild Rift

Even though Akali is only an A-tier champion, she is still the best counter for Darius in Wild Rift. Akali has significant damage and can deal it from a distance, which might come in handy while you are on the same lane as Darius.

However, you must choose proper runes to be more effective while playing Akali, and you can use only two combinations of runes. For the mid-lane, the best runes are Electrocute, Brutal, Hunter Titan, and Hunter Genius. If you want to play on a Baron lane, consider using Fleet Footwork, Brutal, Adaptive Carapace, and Hunter Genius.

But Akali has a significant disadvantage - this character is pretty complex. Therefore, she is not suitable for inexperienced players.


Riven character in Wild Rift

Riven is a tier-S character, and she can be one of the most powerful champions in the game. She has balanced stats and powerful skills, allowing her to dominate other players if you play correctly. Even though Riven can't be played on the middle line, she can be fully competitive against Darius on Baron Lane.

And talking about runes, it would be best to opt for Conqueror, Brutal, Hunter Titan, and Hunter Genius. You can empower the strong points of your character and make less vulnerable weak points by using them, which is an essential improvement.


Teemo character

Teemo is the last character in Wild Rift who can be used as a counter for Darius - and the fact is that he is the most straightforward champion on this list. You can effectively use him even if you are a beginner.

Just like Riven, it would be better to use Teemo on Baron Lane. Here, he can bring the most benefit to the team. While playing on this lane, use Grasp of the Undying, Brutal, Adaptive Carapace, and Hunter Genius.

In conclusion, Darius is a pretty powerful champion in Wild Rift. He is highly potent against Dr. Mundo and Galio. And if you have trouble defeating Darius, it would be best to pick Teemo, Riven or Akali. You can easily dominate Darius in an equal battle using these characters. It will help you increase your rank in Wild Rift to new heights as well.