Watcher of Realms first anniversary is here, with new heroes, game modes and more

Celebrate a year of Watcher of Realms!

Watcher of Realms first anniversary is here, with new heroes, game modes and more
  • Watcher of Realms first anniversary celebrations are here!
  • Get a new legendary hero for a limited time
  • Explore new game modes, complete challenges for rewards and more

Moonton's next-gen fantasy RPG Watcher of Realms is celebrating its first birthday. And unlike some anniversaries for others in the genre, they're also releasing a major new update to coincide with it. Yep, it's not just free summons or log-in rewards (not that there's anything wrong with those) but some major new additions.

The first of which is of course, Anora, “The Silver Seraphim”, a new hero that can be unlocked for a limited time only. She can summon a horde of minions to deal passive damage to her foes. Meanwhile, existing legendary heroes Helga and Myca can also be earned through in-game challenges!

Next up is the new game mode featuring Semrah, where you'll need to strategise and build an ideal lineup to take on this powerful new boss. Additional game modes will also be coming through Watcher of Realms 1st year anniversary.

Picture of the Silver Seraphim hero from Watcher of Realms

Finally, going back to the usual stuff, some new legendary items and skins can be earned in-game for free. Intended as a thank you reward from the developers, these items will be earnable only for a limited time!

Moonton's big break?

We've definitely taken an optimistic view on the previews of Watcher of Realms last year. And judging by this anniversary the game is still going strong. Some of these rewards are especially beefy compared to what you usually get in the genre, but we'll just have to see if that keeps on going forward.

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