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Warcraft Rumble - How to unlock Heroic campaigns

Warcraft Rumble - How to unlock Heroic campaigns
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Warcraft Rumble offers an exciting and surprisingly deep RTS which - while it may not be exactly like the Warcraft days of yore - is nonetheless a great way to experience the World of Warcraft on your mobile device.

As you progress through the game you’ll unlock new rewards and modes, one of which is the Heroic Campaign. But you may be a little confused as to what these campaigns are and what exactly playing them will net you. We’ve already covered some other interesting wrinkles to the Warcraft Rumble meta, such as explaining the quest limit and how to (sort of) circumvent it, but Heroic Campaigns are another beast entirely.

What are Heroic Campaigns?

Put simply, Heroic Campaigns are PvE missions on steroids. When you complete PvE missions you gain Sigils, these small, dragon-head tokens will let you unlock the next mission. Simple, right? Well, this campaign comes into play when you reach 50 Sigils. At that point, you unlock Heroic Campaigns which then allow you to return to your previously completed missions and replay them for extra rewards.

But, these won’t just be the same again, oh no; Heroic Campaigns are much harder versions and are designed to test your skills and understanding of the game’s mechanics. Essentially, they’re your beef gate before you hit the endgame of the PvE mode.

There are some key differences between regular missions and Heroic Campaigns. For one; you’ll find that the maps have been altered and the difficulty has increased, secondly, you’ll not only need to beat a map once but also beat it with a leader from each available faction (Horde, Alliance and so on).

Put it this way, they’re much harder - there’s a reason why they were reportedly nicknamed “Mean Mode” by Warcraft Rumble’s internal development team.

How do I progress through Heroic Campaigns?

There’s no quick and easy way to get through Heroic Campaigns, since you’ll find that there’s a huge boost in the level of difficulty and new twists on the maps that you were previously used to. However, common sense applies here; if you haven’t been grinding your miniatures then get started on that - if you haven’t been testing your deck and min-maxing their damage, now’s the time. Essentially this is your do-or-die moment to really get to grips with Warcraft Rumble.

Not only that but by picking the correct deck you can likely strong-arm your way through some of the less difficult ones - but with new twists like The Dockmaster’s mission now having two Ogres chucking barrels down each lane, you’ll want to work smart…

Engage your Brain

For example, in that case, what’s the best course of action? Flying units, naturally, to take out the Ogres where possible, so level up your flying units and adapt in order to take on that mission. But now you need to deal with the ground units too…better ranged? Switch lanes to try and keep both secure? It’s tricky, but the intent is very much to put a twist on the challenges you’ve already secured.

Early on in the game, it's possible to muscle through with a bit of luck, for example in Marshal Redpaw's mission you may not remember to bring any specialised elementals. No problem, since it's mainly to introduce you to Footmen and the reduction in physical damage they take. But for a Heroic Campaign that becomes a lot more tricky, requiring forethought and a lot more elemental damage-type units to come through.

Basically, think back to how you approached it the first time around and what unit type you used, as long as you bring the upgraded versions you’ll more than likely be familiar with now, you have a fair chance of winning.

Why do it?

Well, for one you need a huge 100 Sigils to enter the final area of the game. So you'll need to backtrack to complete all of them regardless. But Heroic Campaigns also offer a huge reward of Gold, Experience Tomes and more. So if you want to level your miniatures without - say - having to grind your Quests every day and risk hitting that hefty 20 per-day limit, going back to Heroic Campaigns is an easy meal ticket.

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