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How to Kill Death in Vampire Survivors and Unlock It

If you've ever gotten to the 30th minute of any stage, Death likely came after you and melted you away immediately. Here is how you can kill Red Death and unlock him as a playable character.

How to Kill Death in Vampire Survivors and Unlock It

Do you want to learn how to kill Death in Vampire Survivors and unlock it? Vampire Survivors is an incredibly addictive indie RPG with roguelike elements that has captured the hearts of many fans. And after playing it a few times, you'll see that Luca Galante truly did his best.

Players only need to survive as long as possible by killing or running away from hordes of vampires. But thanks to the huge number of characters, weapons, items, and secrets, the game is incredibly addictive. In this guide, we will tell you how to kill the strongest boss in Vampire Survivors - Death - and unlock it. Also, make sure to check our Vampire Survivors beginner's guide while you're at it!


Red Death in Vampire Survivors

You will spend many hours trying to survive as long as possible playing Vampire Survivors. In certain time areas, you will face different Bosses. And undoubtedly, the most difficult of them is Death. But it is worth noting that there are two Deaths in the game.

The first is Red Death, also called The Reaper, which is the final boss that spawns after 30 minutes of your run. And if you try hard enough, you can defeat this boss. But the second, White Death, also known as White Hand, is the real Death of the world of Vampire Survivors. It appears after you defeat the first Death using certain builds. However, no player can stand against it, so you don't even have to think about fighting it.

Therefore, the end of your run is the victory over The Reaper. But don’t think that it will be easy. Without proper preparation, you are unlikely to kill Red Death. However, you can find many ways to complete this tricky challenge by trying various builds and combos.


Infinite Corridor weapon is a must to kill Death

Death spawns on the map once players reach the level's time limit, and this boss deals 65,535 damage at a time. What's more, Death's health is 655,350 - which is a couple of thousand times more than the player's health at the time of spawn. It already sounds pretty dangerous on paper, so you should use the best weapons to survive.

One of the strongest and best combos is Infinite Corridor and Crimson Shroud. These weapons are so powerful that if you kill Death with them, White Hand will appear on the map and kill you - but it is still worth it.

To get these weapons, you must have Clock Lancet and Laurel, and then find Silver Ring, Gold Ring, Metaglio Left, and Metaglio Right to evolve them. But it is worth noting that you will need to find the Yellow Sign to unlock these items. You can do it on the Moongolow stage.

Once you have Infinite Corridor and Crimson Shroud, Death will die as easily as any of your other opponents. One will save you from the deathly attack (Death can one-shot you), and the other one will outright kill him quicker than anything else you can think of.


Portrait of a vampire with red moon and bats in the background

There are many secret characters in the game, and Mask of the Red Death is one of them. It is a character that has the Death Spiral as its base weapon. Here are some stats bonuses:

  • Might +20%
  • Max Health - 255
  • Movement Speed +100%

Luckily, unlocking this character is pretty easy. All you have to do is defeat Death once. And after that, you can purchase the Mask of the Red Death for 666 coins.

That's all you need to know about how to defeat and unlock Death in Vampire Survivors. It is a rather challenging boss that requires the best builds, but after you get Mask of the Red Death, it will be much easier to unlock Leda as well.