Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns is out, with a new stage, characters, weapons and more

Poncle's first Konami collab is this year's biggest tease

Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns is out, with a new stage, characters, weapons and more
  • Vampire Survivor's newest DLC, Operation Guns, is out now
  • Experience 22 new weapons, a new stage, eight new characters and more
  • This exclusive Konami collab might be a tease for a highly anticipated future crossover...

Vampire Survivors, the hit bullet-heaven game, launches its latest DLC package today for all platforms. Operation Guns brings a new stage, weapons and characters from the classic Konami series Contra to the world of Vampire Survivors. 

And what a doozy of a DLC this is. Aside from the aforementioned Neo Galuga stage, there are over 22 new weapons, including evolutions, to collect, eight new characters including series staples Bill Rizer and Lance Bean, as well as six exclusive tracks combining classic Contra music with Vampire Survivor remixes.

The DLC is set to go live today for all versions of the game, including Android and iOS.

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We've already said it, but there's a small, conspiratorial part of us that believes Konami approached Poncle for a crossover fully expecting that they'd ask to include Castlevania characters. But instead the developer, well-known for having an equal amount of passion and borderline parody, chose the lesser-known option of Contra.

Does that mean we could get a proper Castlevania crossover with Vampire Survivors sometime in future? Well here's hoping, although we'd probably have to wait a while. Still, this Contra crossover could also be a test on behalf of Konami to see how well their brand resonates with players nowadays.

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