Vampire Survivors receives its first 'AAAA' update with the Laborratory

Yes, it's actually spelt like that

Vampire Survivors receives its first 'AAAA' update with the Laborratory
  • Vampire Survivor's new 'AAAA' quality update is here
  • Explore two new stages, a new character, weapon and more
  • In addition there's top of the line door opening, running animations and more

Vampire Survivors, Poncle's suspiciously vampire-free bullet-heaven survival game, is getting its first 'AAAA' update which drops today for all platforms including mobile. While it features some slightly less impressive additions like door opening, running animations and 'train physics', there are some heftier additions to an already great game too.

Staying true to their rather bizarre 'holiday' celebrations that usually take place months after the fact, Vampire Survivors is seeing the addition of a jolly, red-wearing, white-bearded character in the form of Santa Ladonna and a new weapon called the Santa Javelin. There are two new stages, the titular Laborratory and Carlo Cart, where players race through the stage atop a minecart, for you to explore too.

The update drops as of right now for all platforms, including Vampire Survivors iOS and Android versions. Check out the trailer below for the Laborratory update to get a sneak peek of what's being added.

This bites
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While Vampire Survivors updates and trailers always have a humorous, tongue-in-cheek tone to them, we can't deny that the continuous addition of new, free content is pretty great. This is especially true coming right off the back of a major collab with Konami's hit side-scrolling series Contra. If there's one thing that's undeniable it's that Poncle seems dedicated to stuffing Vampire Survivors more and more to the gills with additional content.

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And if you're not fussed about finding it all yourself, check out Poncle's Steam post regarding the Vampire Survivors update for a guide on unlocking all the new content.

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Iwan Morris
Iwan Morris
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