Vampire Survivors partners up with classic Konami series, Contra

Probably not the one you were expecting

Vampire Survivors partners up with classic Konami series, Contra
  • Vampire Survivors' new DLC teams up with fan-favourite, classic Konami series, Contra?
  • With 11 new characters, 22 new weapons and a brand-new stage; Neo Galuga, this DLC is packed
  • Get it when it releases on the 9th of May!

Hey you! You like Vampire Survivors, right? And you LOVE Konami's classic library of games? Well, guess what! Vampire Survivors and Konami are doing a collab, and yes, it's the series you'd hoped for, prayed for even, it's Contra? Uh-huh, you read that right, Vampire Survivor's new DLC will take players into the runnin' 'n gunnin' world of the Contra series.

Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns is still a jam-packed DLC with 11 new characters, 22 new weapons (including evolutions) and a promised arcade-level difficulty curve. If you're not familiar, Contra was one of Konami's most popular series early on, a side-scrolling shoot-'em-up famous for being hard as nails and even more fun.

Take on the jungles of Neo Galuga when Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns drops on the 9th of May for all platforms.

Does 'Castlevania' mean nothing to you?!
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While we're just as confused as you are as to why Castlevania wasn't on the cards for a collab, we can't help but think there's maybe some intent there. Vampire Survivors, after all, famously doesn't include a single vampire (no, really, look it up). So when Konami came knocking we wouldn't put it past developer Poncle to select the, admittedly underrated, shooter from the offered lineup.

Still, we certainly can't fault Vampire Survivor's always stellar DLC line-ups, and at the low price of $2.49 for a bunch of new characters, a new stage and 22 weapons, it's hard to be grumpy. Still, hope springs eternal for the day Simon Belmont might yet grace the Mad Forest or Inlaid Library.

In the meantime, why not check out our tier list of all the currently available Vampire Survivor characters? Get yourself a head-start in knowing who's great and who's trash! Better yet, see what else is available to play with the top 5 new mobile games this week!

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