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How to unlock Scorej-Oni on a Tiny Bridge in Vampire Survivors

How to unlock Scorej-Oni on a Tiny Bridge in Vampire Survivors

One of the important parts of Vampire Survivors is unlocking new characters. They can diversify your gaming experience and make the game much more exciting. Scorej-Oni on a Tiny Bridge in Vampire Survivors is one of the most interesting characters you can get in the game.

Read this guide to discover how to unlock Scorej-Oni on a Tiny Bridge in Vampire Survivors. Moreover, we will discuss this character’s starting weapon and passive skill.

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SCOREJ-ONI gameplay

First, you need to unlock Hyper Tiny Bridge. It is the only map in Vampire Survivors where Scorej-Oni can be found. Fortunately, nothing is challenging about it. You only need to reach Level 80 while completing Inverse Gallo Tower. It can be quickly done if you select the most robust character and prepare well for the fight.

Once you unlock Hyper Tiny Bridge, you need to find the source of the roaring thunder there. Having a map to navigate the world better would be best, but you can find the source even without it.

You will see Scorej-Oni just next to the source of the roaring thunder. To unlock Scorej-Oni, you only need to defeat the boss. Take into account that it might be pretty challenging to do without at least one fully-upgraded weapon. So, try your best to enter the fight with Scorej-Oni as prepared as possible.

After taking down the boss, you need to head to the main menu and purchase it for 5,000 Coins. Even though some players consider Scorej-Oni overpriced, you can be sure he is worth every coin you spend on it.


If you don’t want to spend time completing Inverse Gallo Tower and Hyper Tiny Bridge, there is a way to get Scorej-Oni faster. You only need to have Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane and then cast the spell “notsureitsthunder” in the Secrets menu. This will automatically unlock Scorej-Oni, allowing you to purchase this powerful character for 5,000 Coins.

Vampire Survivors: Scorej-Oni surrounded by bats


Scorej-Oni is a solid Vampire Survivors character who can boast great battle effectiveness in Vampire Survivors. He starts with 108 Max Health, -20% Movement Speed and +20% Area. So, keep in mind that area weapons work exceptionally well on Scorej-Oni.

Another interesting feature is that he doesn't have a starting weapon. He starts with six free weapons slots and a hidden Lightning Ring, meaning Scorej-Oni can have up to seven weapons.

Moreover, Scorej-Oni updates Lightning Ring every eight levels, with a maximum Update Level of six. At level 40, you will get an additional Lightning Ring that can deal tons of extra damage to enemies.

That’s it with getting and using Scorej-Oni in Vampire Survivors. As you can see, there are two ways you can get Scorej-Oni. Both take a lot of time. So, do not expect that getting such a powerful character will be a piece of cake. And if you are looking for more content, then be sure to check out our guide on how to kill and unlock Leda in Vampire Survivors.