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Vampire Survivors: How to evolve Flash Arrow into Millionaire

Vampire Survivors: How to evolve Flash Arrow into Millionaire

The FlashArrow is a weapon that can be found in the Tides of the Foscari DLC. It is the initial weapon that Keitha Muort starts with. On this page, we will talk about what you need to do in order to evolve Flash Arrow into Millionaire. 

Flash Arrow

The weapon is designed to shoot an arrow in the direction that your character is currently moving or has last moved. Additionally, it has the ability to pierce through multiple enemies, with the effectiveness increasing as your character's level increases.

The base crit stat of this is set at 20% by default, and it also comes with a critical damage bonus of 200%. Practically speaking, this means that there is a 1 out of 5 chance for you to deal double damage. Luck has an impact on the critical chance.

The weapon's damage is increased by the Amount value, which also determines the number of extra projectiles the weapon has.


Flash Arrow can be evolved into Millionaire with Bracer and Clover both at max level. You can take a look at the Grim Grimoire and how to use it.
Clover Bracer

Clover and Bracer can be considered similar to PowerUps because they are passive items that provide additional stats. Each level of Bracer increases the speed of projectiles by 10%. Each level of Clover increases Luck by 10%.

How to acquire Bracer

To unlock Bracer, you need to level up King Bible to level 4. The item can be located on the stages of Gallo Tower, Moongolow, Boss Rash, and Lake Foscari. The Bracer has a total of 5 levels, and when it reaches its maximum level, it offers a Projectile Speed increase of up to 50%.

How to acquire Clover

To unlock Clover, you need to locate a 'little clover' that can be found near a light source. Clover is available as a stage item in Mad Forest, Moongolow, Boss Rash, and Lake Foscari. This item has five levels and, when fully upgraded, it grants 50% Luck. It is comparable to Bracer in that sense.


The Millionaire weapon has the ability to shoot an arrow in the direction that the character is currently moving or has last moved. Additionally, this weapon has the capability to pierce through enemies. Yellow bullets rain down on the screen when gold is collected or enemies are defeated with the arrow.
Millionaire evolution in Vampire Survivors

The default setting of this weapon is such that it can execute critical hits that cause double damage and have a probability of 20% to take place. The probability of a critical strike is influenced by Luck.

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