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Vampire Survivors: Where to Find the Grim Grimoire and how to use it

A guide to finding and using the Grim Grimoire in Vampire Survivors, the essential encyclopedia of weapon evolutions.

Vampire Survivors: Where to Find the Grim Grimoire and how to use it
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I've been playing Vampire Survivors for a while now and I still don't know everything about it. Over time, certain things have fallen into place as new characters and areas became available, but there's still so much to discover. You can spend hours exploring the different maps looking for all the highlighted goods and trying to survive long enough in hopes of unlocking new stuff, but little is spelt out for you. This is a game where there's no shame in checking out the community posts and forums to see what people have come across and what happened as a result. Among these are the Relics which are arguably the most important items.

Relics are one-of-a-kind objects that are hidden in designated spots around the different maps. Some of them are out in the open while others are tucked away in corners and such. There are also those that are protected by dangerous monsters and will make you earn the right to collect them. It's important to collect as many as possible since they can have in-game effects as well as unlock certain mechanics. Considering this, one of the most useful ones that you can find is the Grim Grimoire.

What is the Grim Grimoire?

Location of Grim Grimoire in Vampire Survivors

There are actually three items in the game that may fit the "grimoire" label: The King Bible (into Unholy Vespers), the Empty Tome, and the Grim Grimoire. The first and the second are items that are unlocked at the start of the game and the last is a Relic. It appears as a large thick book with vibrant purple colour, silver lining, and what appears to be some sort of lock. What makes it valuable and useful is that it holds in-game information. Specifically, collecting it will unlock the "Open Grimoire" option in the pause menu. This will let you look at a list of all the weapon evolutions and unions that you've already unlocked and what you need to unlock new ones, functioning similarly to a checklist.

How to obtain the Grim Grimoire

The Inlaid Library

Being a book, there's a very suitable place that the Grim Grimoire is located: The Inlaid Library. This is convenient since the library is the second stage that you can unlock in the game. It also has one of the simplest layouts making it easy to navigate and a prime spot for grinding gold. To reach the Inlaid Library, you need to get a character to Level 20 in the Mad Forest.

Once you're in the Inlaid Library, you'll find your character in the centre of what looks like a long corridor with stacks of books lining the top and bottom parts of the screen. If you pull up the map, you'll see a mysterious green arrow pointing you west. Before following it, spend around five minutes building up your character's arsenal before setting off.

As you head west, stay close to the top or the bottom to prevent being surrounded. You'll also have easy access to torches that will drop gold and food if needed. When you reach the Grimoire, you'll have to deal with 12 Witches that will use projectiles to slow you down and drain your health. Defeating them is optional as all you need to do is touch the Grim Grimoire for it to take effect.

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