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Uncharted Waters Origin, the seafaring sandbox RPG, sets sail with global launch on Android, iOS, and Steam

Uncharted Waters Origin, the seafaring sandbox RPG, sets sail with global launch on Android, iOS, and Steam

Line Games and Koei Temco have finally launched the highly anticipated title, Uncharted Waters Origin on Android, iOS, and Steam. The franchise has a rich history of over three decades and is taking players back to the 16th century for another plundering and pillaging adventure across the seven seas.

To celebrate the game’s release, a couple of launch events will remain live for the rest of the month, giving players a head start to their career as a pirate. The Request Event tasks players with completing trade, combat, and adventure quests in exchange for Shipbuilding Materials, Equipment, and Parts up to B Grade.

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The Global Launch Attendance Event offers rewards along similar lines, Ducat, Ship Parts, and Shipbuilding Materials. It will be a monthly attendance event and will remain live until March 31st. These two festivities should make the initial stage of the game more smooth sailing. Those that pre-registered will get a bunch of more freebies too.

Uncharted Waters Origin takes players in the past, to the glorious Age of Discovery. It has been created to commemorate the franchise’s long-running history, which has produced gems like Uncharted Waters II: New Horizons and Uncharted Waters: Gaiden, on which Origins is based.

The game has recreated the original series and has bumped it up to match today’s AAA standards with 4K graphics using Unreal Engine 4. The in-game mechanics will make players feel like actual seafarers as the direction and speed of wind, currents, and waves will be influenced by real-world big data.

The last piece that will complete this package is an exhilarating album. Origins features a humongous collection of over 104 fully orchestrated soundtracks, including contributions from YoKo Kanno.

All aboard! Fulfil all your plundering fantasies and become a veteran pirate by downloading Uncharted Waters Origin now for free. Check out their official website for more information.

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