Uncharted Waters Origin introduces new Admirals and Dispatch System in latest update

Uncharted Waters Origin introduces new Admirals and Dispatch System in latest update

Motif and Tecmo Games have just released a new update for their seafaring sandbox RPG, Unchartered Waters Origin, which introduces two new Admirals to the game. Salvador Leis and Anne Bonny join the buccaneering adventure as the new Dispatch System brings in the additional functionality required to upgrade fleets.

Fans of the series will recognise Salvador Leis as one of the main protagonists of an Uncharted Waters spin-off title. His character remains the same in Origin, an ambitious individual who will stop at nothing until he becomes a swashbuckling pirate. In terms of combat, Leis is a skilled melee user and filling up his Memoir will grant rewards such as his Unique Admiral Weapon, Mate Ticket, and Superior Mate EXP Potion.

Anne Bonny, on the other hand, hails from Ireland, with a dream to become the most mischievous pirate around. She’s also a great melee fighter, but her skills are more tuned to amplifying these attacks in addition to her defence. Finishing Anne’s Memoir similarly unlocks her Unique Admiral Weapon and a Mate Ticket.

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Furthermore, Origin’s latest Dispatch System allows for fleets to become much stronger than before. Using this feature, players can choose to send 2-4 fleets that they own on a variety of dispatch missions divided into Adventure, Trade, and Combat. They are quite profitable quests, awarding Ducat, ship parts, and other gear on completion.

Meanwhile, the game is also hosting an Attendance Reward Event until May 16th. Players managing to log in for two straight weeks will earn valuable items like Superior Mate Tickets, Blue Gems, Ducat and several Acceleration items to boost growth.

Get your hands on the two new and powerful Admirals by downloading Uncharted Waters Origin now for free by clicking on your preferred link below. Visit the official website for more information.

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