Tower of God introduces Princess Shilial of Zahard in latest update

Tower of God introduces Princess Shilial of Zahard in latest update
  • New teammate - SSR [Red Snake] Shilial
  • Act 7-2 and 7-3 of the main story has also been released
  • Several gameplay events to participate in

Netmarble has just rolled out an exciting new update for the popular collectible card RPG, Tower of God: New World. This latest patch brings a host of new features and content to enjoy, including a new teammate, storyline updates, and a range of limited-time events.

The newest addition to your team with Tower of God: New World’s update is SSR [Red Snake] Shilial, the formidable Princess of Zahard belonging to the Lo Po Bia Family. Shilial, often seen alongside her twin sister Lilial, wields the Black Snakefish which excels at ACC, EVA, and AoE Attacks. In terms of traits, she is a Green element, Mage, and Anima.

In addition, you can dive deeper into the game’s storyline with Act 7-2 and Act 7-3 of the main story. They are centred on the 20th floor's residential area and will uncover the tale of Wangnan Ja. A new side story called A Day in the Life of a Princess is also available and offers a sneak peek into Shilial's past secrets, featuring cameos from Ren, Endorsi, and Yihwa Yeon.

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To celebrate the arrival of Shilial, Netmarble has launched several limited-time events for players to participate in. The Tower of Alliances Event pits groups against each other in a battle to conquer opposing towers, offering rewards like Alliance Coin and Suspendium to the victors.

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The Shilial Release Celebration Check-in offers rewards to everyone for logging in daily, while Shilial's Growth Mission will allow you to earn rewards like Normal Summon Tickets and Exclusive Equipment Enhance by completing in-game missions. Finally, the Shibisus Strategy Lesson event will grant Formation Tokens, which can be exchanged for various rewards including SSR characters after fighting random players.

Get your hands on a new teammate by downloading Tower of God: New World now for free by clicking on your preferred link below.

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