Tower of Fantasy reveals its latest character Annabella, who is due out with the upcoming patch

Tower of Fantasy reveals its latest character Annabella, who is due out with the upcoming patch

In the upcoming patch due out January 12th, the popular mobile anime action MMORPG Tower of Fantasy has revealed its newest character for you to collect. Annabella is a brand new simulacrum that players will be able to roll for on the newest banner, and comes equipped with a heavy DPS focus fire element weapon that’ll tear your enemies to shreds with ease.

In case you aren’t familiar, Tower of Fantasy is the semi-recently launched Genshin Impact-like that takes place in a far more sci-fi world than its distant cousin, while still mixing in some high fantasy elements. With a pretty decently large cast of characters, each playing in a unique manner from the other, it’s seen a large amount of success as a competitor for Mihoyo’s global phenomenon which is Genshin.

Now, with the latest character, you’ll have even more options for building out your party and weapons, as Annabella comes to the new banner wielding a rifle that is focused on dealing large amounts of damage very quickly. She’s a fire element character too, which makes her coordinate well with other fire-focused characters, so if you build your party around this idea, she’s sure to make your group do huge amounts of damage without much effort.

You’ll have to do most of the actual learning about her personality and backstory by using her in combat, but we do know that she’s a mysterious girl who is work-oriented, working numerous odd jobs at the same time when you first meet her. She also is known to follow orders religiously, and with that cute maid outfit on, she’s likely to become a fan favourite pretty quickly too.

If you’re looking to try out Annabella yourself and see what she’s all about once this update hits, you can currently download Tower of Fantasy for free at either of the links below this article!

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