Torchlight: Infinite announces its second season, The City of Aeterna, releasing next month

Torchlight: Infinite announces its second season, The City of Aeterna, releasing next month

Three months ago, XD Inc released the highly-anticipated ARPG, Torchlight: Infinite on Android and iOS. The popular series kicked off its mobile journey with the Cube of Rapacity season which introduced a new hero among loads of other content. It’s time to move forward as the developers have just announced season two – The City of Aeterna.

Torchlight: Infinite is carrying forward its dungeon-crawling adventure with its upcoming City of Aeterna season. The second season is still a month away from release, and there’s only a small teaser trailer to check out right now.

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It is based on the eternal city of Leptis, which has been part of many urban legends. Leptis was a land of prosperity and tranquillity until it wasn’t. The entire city just disappeared one day, as it was engulfed by an ominous fog.

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What remained of Leptis was a mind-boggling labyrinth full of destroyed ruins and shrivelled foliage. Besides the promises of infinite wealth and ancient powers, despair is all that can be seen when the fog lifts. But all this is exactly what makes it a hotspot for treasure hunters.

Many have come to the ruins of Leptis over the years, in search of these unknown riches. Hunters come and go, but the city is still searching for the chosen one’s arrival, who will light the long-lost flame once again. The fog will rise once more, will players be another one of the trapped souls or victors who will find Leptis’ endless loot?

That’s all we know about The City of Aeterna season in Torchlight: Infinite. More will be revealed on August 26th at 12:00 pm PDT through a preview live stream, with the season going live on September 8th.

Complete the remainder of the first season by downloading Torchlight: Infinite now for free.

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