Torchlight: Infinite's Whispering Mist season launches today

Go mad, eat your crew, yadda yadda

Torchlight: Infinite's Whispering Mist season launches today
  • Torchlight: Infinite's new eldritch Whispering Mist season is live
  • Explore the strange town of Mistville in a roguelike campaign
  • Spend sanity, go mad or face the challenge and come out victorious

Torchlight Infinite's spooky, challenging new season, Whispering Mist is now live. In it you'll explore the titular town of Mistville, spending sanity to take on the mind-bending mysteries and earn massive rewards in the process. Just be careful, because a mind is a very precious thing to lose.

We covered the additions in Whispering Mist last week. But in brief, exploring Mistville functions like a sort of roguelike campaign, where you first need to defeat Mistville residents to earn passage to the town. Once there you explore tile after tile, solving mysteries as you go, spending your sanity as a finite resource which can occasionally be recovered.

Your rewards? Well, suffice it to say there's a reason that losing your mind is such a tempting trade-off.

Spooky scary eldritch entities A list of the rewards available in the new Torchlight season with a woman in a pink rabbit costume on the side.

And that's not all! Torchlight: Infinite is also celebrating its first anniversary, so when you log in you can pick up some amazing free rewards like an SSR battle and back accessory. The Whispering Mists season also brings in new quality-of-life features like optimizations for the early-game experience, changes to the activation medium system that adds automatic triggers and support skills for mobile players, a better help manual and technical adjustments for a smoother experience.

All in all, aside from the obvious eldritch challenges to overcome, this season of Torchlight: Infinite promises to deliver a hefty amount of content to celebrate the game's first anniversary. The changes for mobile players to have automatic triggers are also very welcome.

And if you want to get into this ARPG, be sure to check out our Torchlight Infinite: talents guide to give you a basic overview of some of the game's mechanics. And of course, we have to point out our weekly, regular feature that's showing off the five best mobile games you should play!

Iwan Morris
Iwan Morris
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