Torchlight Infinite's "Biggest ever update" is here, featuring new modes, foes and fun

Valley, or, dungeon of the dolls

Torchlight Infinite's "Biggest ever update" is here, featuring new modes, foes and fun
  • Torchlight Infinite's biggest ever update, so they say, is here
  • It features a new trait for Divineshot Carino, turning this hero into a gatling gun-wielding destroyer
  • There's now Legendary Gear Crafting, new foes to hunt down and so much more!

With summer here, it's a time for major game updates. But Torchlight Infinite certainly isn't messing around as they're set to release what they call their "Biggest update ever." The Clockwork Ballet, as it's called, features a new twist on an existing hero, new equipment and strange new beings to encounter.

The big one is, of course, Divineshot Carino, whose new trait turns him into a gatling gun-wielding destroyer. You'll be able to craft and pass down even better equipment with the addition of Legendary Gear Crafting, and there's also the addition of new legendary equipment to loot as well.

Additionally, for you cross-platform players you'll be glad to know that Torchlight Infinite has had a new round of optimisations for its Steam release. So when you get the chance to sit down you can hop from phone to desktop with the best performance yet.

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Dolls in the deep

But it wouldn't be Torchlight Infinite if there wasn't something slightly spooky. Because scattered in the depths are new foes in the form of mysterious Dolls. These creepy mannequins will offer some tasty rewards, if you can defeat them that is.

Then there's the new Pactspirits and so much more, all being added as of Season 5 of Torchlight Infinite. So if you've lapsed, now is the time to leap back into Torchlight Infinite and once more brave the dark.

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