Torchlight: Infinite is celebrating Halloween with a unique speedrun challenge against streamer Rich W Campbell

Torchlight: Infinite is celebrating Halloween with a unique speedrun challenge against streamer Rich W Campbell

Most mobile games seem to be celebrating Halloween with limited-time events, spooky decorations in-game, themed cosmetics, and more such stuff. XD Inc seems to have different plans for its dungeon-crawling ARPG, Torchlight: Infinite, which is still in open beta.

The developers are inviting players to take part in a spooky speed run to prove to everyone that you cannot progress through the game just by making in-app purchases. Until November 2nd, all Torchlight: Infinite players will have the chance of going up against the streamer Rich W Campbell in a Halloween special speedrun challenge.

Players have a chance to win a whopping 18,888 Primocryst as long as they manage to complete the challenge in the fastest time possible. All those dungeon-crawling skills need to be honed in and used in the race to defeat the Traveler boss and overcome the Timemark Six in as little time as possible.

It truly will be a battle of skill between players and Campbell. The streamer is free to buy absolutely anything in-game that will benefit him in completing the challenge fast. He has an unlimited amount of money but participants have zero. The goal of the event is to beat Rich (pun intended) Campbell without having to resort to using real cash.

XD Inc strongly believes that the “pay to win” ideology should never be allowed to ruin the gameplay experience. The developers have put a lot of faith in their players and are sure that the participants will win without spending a dime because they have agreed to reimburse Rich's in-game spending twice over should he win the challenge.

Everyone completing the race will earn 1000 Primocryst while the top ten hunters will be awarded the mega prize of 18,888 Primocryst. Check out this Tweet for detailed information about the event.

Think you got what it takes to beat a pay-to-win player? Then download Torchlight: Infinite now for free.

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Tanish Botadkar
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