One-man horror game The Mystery of Eigengrau hits pre-registration

One-man horror game The Mystery of Eigengrau hits pre-registration
  • Mystery of Eigengrau is a story-based horror game for mobile
  • The game looks to take some cues from classic horror games like Amnesia
  • There's also a strong emphasis on puzzles and story

One-person development team Rigor Mortis Interactive has announced that their latest effort, The Mystery of Eigengrau - a story-driven horror game - has hit pre-registration and is set to release in the next 1-2 months.

The studio has previously released only one game, Talivan - Offroad Racing, however, it looks as if Mystery of Eigengrau is going to be a slightly more ambitious title with a fully-fledged and realised 3D environment including some lovely looking shadows and lighting.

Eigengrau Enigma

Judging by the focus on puzzle-solving, evasion of enemies and a strong focus on lighting, we wouldn't be surprised if Mystery of Eigengrau takes more than a few cues from games such as Amnesia: The Dark Descent. And this focus shows just how far mobile horror games have come in only a decade or so, as developers continue to grapple with the limitations of technology and immersion. 

While Eigengrau doesn't look to be groundbreaking, it does appear to be competent and well-made, showing that you can make a good horror game on mobile without needing any major gimmicks. Rigor Mortis Interactive promises an engaging story where the player character has to discover the fate of their brother, a detective, with their choices shaping the story and ending of the game. Judging by the trailer, which you can watch below, Eigengrau is shaping up to be a fairly solid mobile horror game.

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Breaking the Silence

It certainly isn't exactly facing much competition lately, as the recently released Silent Hill: Ascension - which billed itself as an interactive horror series - received withering reviews from both players and critics alike. And while you can probably chalk some of that up to bandwagoning, it's fair to say that those seeking a single-player horror experience have had limited choice, even with the release of some great titles like Little Nightmares 2 on mobile last year.

So for those horror game fans on mobile looking to expand their catalogue, Mystery of Eigengrau may be exactly what they're looking for. The Mystery of Eigengrau is now available for pre-registration on both iOS and Android.

Iwan Morris
Iwan Morris
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