Whimsical horror adventure game Little Nightmares debuts on mobile

Confront your childhood fears in this award-winning game

Whimsical horror adventure game Little Nightmares debuts on mobile
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Little Nightmares, the whimsical horror adventure game, makes its mobile debut today. Originally released on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One, Little Nightmares lets you confront your childhood fears as Six, the game’s child protagonist. You’ll weave your way through the dark and ominous Maw while avoiding its hungry inhabitants. And make no mistake, the eerie corrupted souls onboard are just itching to eat you up - literally.

Young Six is no match for the Maw’s terrifying denizens and must thus rely on stealth and her wits to survive. Solve imaginative puzzles and run, crawl and hide to escape your enemies. You’ll also explore daunting atmospheres, like the Kitchen where a fearsome chef lies in wait and the desolate prison.

Playdigious worked with the publisher Bandai Namco to bring the beloved adventure title to mobile. The mobile port features a revamped interface optimized for mobile gaming and game centre achievements. In celebration of the game’s launch, you can purchase Little Nightmares on the App Store or Google Play at a 30% discount through December 19th.

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While Little Nightmares is new to mobile, the game’s prequel Very Little Nightmares hit Android and iPhone devices in 2019. You play as the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat as she attempts to escape the Nest, a mansion brimming with nefarious inhabitants. The prequel currently boasts high ratings on both the App Store and Google Play. With any luck, the mobile edition of Little Nightmares will be just as enthralling as the original. Additionally, the launch of the first game on mobile may pave the way for a Little Nightmares 2 port in the future. As of yet, however, no announcement has been made.

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Jack Brassell
Jack Brassell
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