Light up your life with the official Genshin Impact light

Genshin Impact's merch tendrils are getting everywhere

Light up your life with the official Genshin Impact light
  • Genshin Impact is set to partner with Neamedia Icons for an official light
  • The lightbox is themed after the game's iconic logo and tagline
  • What's it tell us about just how widespread Genshin merchandising is becoming?

In their latest merchandising collaboration, top action RPG title Genshin Impact is set to partner with Neamedia Icons for a collectible light featuring the game's logo. And yes, it is a bit of a slow news day. Still, this is yet another step in Genshin Impact's surprisingly large catalogue of merchandising crossovers, but by far not the biggest.

That honour probably goes to Genshin Impact's surprisingly lengthy collab with phone manufacturer OnePlus. These are typically bundled with a whole host of exclusive collectibles themed after different characters, with the most recent one themed after the character Keqing. Although you'll be pleased to know the lightbox does come with a 'push-button switch [that] makes it easy to turn on and off.'

A lightful impact A lightbox emblazoned with the PUBG Battlegrounds logo. The official PUBG Battlegrounds lightbox is another piece of merch produced by Neamedia

Alright, all joking aside (since we know it's a bit harsh to rag on some minor merchandise) we would note that Genshin Impact is, naturally, big money when it comes to merchandising. The mobile action RPG was a major hit even upon release, but the pandemic period and the captive audience at the time really cultivated massive success.

Neamedia Icons aren't strangers to collaborating with other games that are big on mobile either, like PUBG Battlegrounds, but Genshin Impact looks to be their first mobile-centric collaboration. Indeed, you can tell a lot about how popular a franchise is by what sort of relatively minor things it gets its name attached to, and Genshin Impact's tendrils are continuing to grow even while successors like Honkai Star-rail are threatening to eclipse it.

You can find the Genshin Impact official light on the Neamedia Icons website.

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