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The Eminence in Shadow tier list

The Eminence in Shadow tier list

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Updated on: May 24th, 2023 - re-checked the tier list, added Thankful Heart Alpha

Not only does this game portray the anime/manga exactly as one might expect, but it also has extremely fun and relaxing gameplay that fans of the title can easily find themselves hooked on for hours! 

With flashy, high-quality animations and visuals, the game feels like a masterful combination of beloved titles like Epic Seven and Princess Connect, but with its own elements and, of course, unique narrative, allowing players to discover the characters' personalities and powers exactly as they're meant to. 

I'm not going to continue praising the game too much though, because if you've had a chance to play it even for just a few minutes, you probably know all that by now. We're here to check out the best characters in the game and what makes them so special, and then rank them all into a comprehensive Eminence in Shadow tier list to help you decide who you should invest your resources and time into, and who you should skip. 

If you love ranking characters, we have an Ever Legion tier list of the best heroes, Eversoul tier list and a reroll guide, and many others that you can check. Use the search bar at the top right, and let the fun begin!

The best characters in The Eminence in Shadow: Master of Garden

Unlike in many other gacha games, there are quite a lot of characters that rank surprisingly well and that means only one thing: your chances of assembling a powerful team are much higher, given that you will probably summon many of the top-tier characters very early on in the game.

Honestly speaking, you could probably make 80% of the characters in the game work in one way or another, and if you upgrade them enough. The relaxing playstyle doesn't necessarily "require" you to have one specific character to beat all the others, even though at the moment there is one character that rises above the rest (but we'll talk in more detail about that one below). 

For now, let's dive into the complete Eminence in Shadow tier list and check out who the best characters in the game are!

Feel free to use the links below to check a specific tier list you're interested in, based on the content you want to clear. Keep in mind that we've added all the units available in the game (and upcoming).

PvE Tier List  |  PvP Tier List

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PvE Tier List

Iris Midgar at the top of the PVE tier list for The Eminence in Shadow

This PvE Eminence in Shadow tier list will list all the characters based on how well they perform in the general storyline, as well as some of the other PvE-reliant events and instances in the game. You want to use characters that can deal high amounts of damage and preferably have AoE abilities, so you can obliterate the enemies as soon as possible.

S+ First Member: Alpha, Alexia Midgar Queen of Luck
S Thankful Heart Alpha, First Member: Alpha Shadow Festival, Fifth Member: Epsilon, Clever Bunny Beta, Eminence in Shadow: Cid Kagenou, First of the Seven: Alpha, Second Member: Beta, My Innocent Brother: Claire Kagenou, Innate Sword: Iris Midgar, Elf Swordmaster: Beatrix, Ideal Me: Epsilon, Rose's Retaliation: Rose Oriana, I Hunted It: Delta, Spring Sword Dance: Alpha, Romantic Artist: Beta, NPC Technique: Cid Kagenou, Way of the Beast: Delta, Fourth Member: Delta
A Second Member: Beta Shadow Festival, Honor Student: Alpha, Driven to Excellence: Rose Oriana, Ruthless Instructor: Lambda, Third Member: Gamma,Idolized Swordplay: Alexia Midgar, Waiting for Boss: Delta, All in the Shadows: Nu. Alluring Chocolatier: Epsilon, Remember Your Duty: Zeta, Garden Genesis: Alpha, Hidden Yearning: Rose Oriana, Training Hard: Gamma, Elegance Now: Epsilon, Bright World: Beta, Young Researcher: Sherry Barnett, Santa's Little Tease: Alexia Midgar, Small Predator: Delta, Royal Escort: Alexia Midgar, Calamity Witch: Aurora, Mundane Mann: Cid Kagenou
B Sibling Time: Claire Kagenou, Best-selling Author: Beta, Shadow Observer: Beta, Incognito Date: Iris Midgar, Run, Slime: Eta, Developing Products: Gamma, Perform Wisdom: Epsilon, Shadow Encounter: Alpha, Experiments & Proof: Eta, Subtle Romance: Sherry Barnett
C Hidden Powerhouse: Cid Kagenou, Moonlight Shadow: Zeta, Master of Disguise: Nu, Happy Holiday: Sherry Barnett, Lovely Stories: Beta, Another NPC Day: Cid Kagenou
First Member: Alpha - she is the absolute best character in the game, heaps above the rest. She is outstanding when she has her gear, and the ability to buff other teammates' SP charge is only topped by her raw damage output. If you acquire her, you're lucky! Innate Sword: Iris Midgar - she can do a lot of AoE damage, making her a great, top-tier pick for both PvE and PvP. She is quite balanced too, and not as squishy as some might expect from a pure damage dealer. Rose's Retaliation: Rose Oriana - she is a top-tier tank, and one of the best front lines in The Eminence in Shadow: Master of Garden. She also has decent CC in her kit, allowing her to stun enemies.

PvP Tier List

The Eminence in Shadow character Beatrix

For PvP, your main goal is to have characters that can skip the front line and attack the backline directly, where the attackers usually are. Therefore, the characters are completely different from the PvE ones since they need to fill different roles. Many of them also have useful debuffing/buffing skills, which are usually highly efficient against other teams.

S+ Romantic Artist: Beta, Calamity Witch: Aurora, First Member: Alpha, Fifth Member: Epsilon
S Thankful Heart Alpha, Alexia Midgar Queen of Luck, First Member: Alpha Shadow Festival, Clever Bunny Beta, My Innocent Brother: Claire Kagenou, Second Member: Beta, Spring Sword Dance: Alpha, Innate Sword: Iris Midgar, Santa's Little Tease: Alexia Midgar, Remember Your Duty: Zeta, Alluring Chocolatier: Epsilon, Elf Swordmaster: Beatrix, Third Member: Gamma, Fourth Member: Delta
A Second Member: Beta Shadow Festival, Ruthless Instructor: Lambda, Shadow Observer: Beta, Waiting for Boss: Delta, I Hunted It: Delta, Rose's Retaliation: Rose Oriana, Run, Slime: Eta, All in the Shadows: Nu
B Driven to Excellence: Rose Oriana, Blessed: Gamma, Way of the Beast: Delta, NPC Technique: Cid Kagenou, Sibling Time: Claire Kagenou, Perform Wisdom: Epsilon, First of the Seven: Alpha, Incognito Date: Iris Midgar, Lovely Stories: Beta, Experiments & Proof: Eta, Best-selling Author: Beta, Idolized Swordplay: Alexia Midgar, Moonlight Shadow: Zeta, Eminence in Shadow: Cid Kagenou, Ideal Me: Epsilon, Mundane Mann: Cid Kagenou
C Elegance Now: Epsilon, Royal Escort: Alexia Midgar, Hidden Yearning: Rose Oriana, Shadow Encounter: Alpha, Master of Disguise: Nu, Developing Products: Gamma, Subtle Romance: Sherry Barnett, Another NPC Day: Cid Kagenou, Hidden Powerhouse: Cid Kagenou, Bright World: Beta, Happy Holiday: Sherry Barnett, Garden Genesis: Alpha, Small Predator: Delta, Young Researcher: Sherry Barnett, Training Hard: Gamma
Remember Your Duty: Zeta - she's one of the few characters that attack the backline, and a top-tier character for PvP. Remember Your Duty: Zeta is an absolute beast in PvP, because she has extremely high crits if you get lucky, which can more or less one-shot the entire enemy team. All in the Shadows: Nu - if your goal is to mitigate damage, this character can do that extremely well with her Passive. She also deals decent enough damage to be relevant. Lovely Stories: Beta - she can buff allies' ATK and with her Passive, she can further reduce the damage taken by the team. Works well in combination with All in the Shadows: Nu, and can also deal good single-target damage.
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Cristina Mesesan
Cristina Mesesan
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