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Ever Legion tier list of the best heroes

Ever Legion tier list of the best heroes

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Updated on February 19th, 2024 - Version: 0.3.560 - Latest Addition: Mythia

Today we will cover a complete Ever Legion tier list of all the best heroes in the game, from Mythical to Legendary and even Common tier. We've listed the heroes from best to worst, so you can have a better idea of who you should add to your team to have the best possible lineup to challenge the enemies. 

The heroes come in three different rarities, which also account for the biggest difference in power between them. Of course, there are some heroes which are pretty decent overall at the very start of the game, but eventually, you should be aiming to obtain a bunch of heroes with high potential, and invest all of the resources in them. The rarities are as follows: 

  • Mythical Tier
  • Legendary Tier
  • Common Tier

Mythical Tier heroes are the best overall, as they have four skills players can activate and upgrade. The Legendary Tier ones have three, while the Common Tier heroes only have two, which is why you will want to avoid them in the long run. 

Other tier lists:

In our Ever Legion tier list, we've listed all of the heroes, of all rarities, but it is to be expected that the Common ones will end up in the bottom tier. Some of the Legendaries are pretty good despite only having three skills - so while they won't make the highest tier, you can still safely use them until you acquire some better ones.

The best heroes in Ever Legion

At the moment, there are many possible choices when it comes to Mythical heroes. However, only a handful of them have risen above the rest, and we've added them to the S+ tier. We recommend that you upgrade these if you are lucky and get them early on, otherwise, try to keep summoning until you get them - you won't be disappointed. 

Make sure to use the links below to check out the tier you're interested in! 

Original article by Cristina Mesesan, updated by Mihail Katsoris. 

S+ Tier  |  S Tier A Tier B Tier  |  C Tier


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Ever Legion S+ Tier heroes

Ever Legion character Xayl'thir
Starting off with the S+ tier, we have the absolute best heroes in Ever Legion. These characters shine all throughout the game's content, and they are definitely the ones you should try adding into your team. These heroes are strong, scale well with level and if equipped with the right gear, they will dominate in any instance.
  • Aeyastra
  • Theadril
  • Eudos
  • Esia & Arnoth
  • Melial
  • Alexios
  • Nyras
  • Mythia
  • Vivienne
  • Kthir
  • Razhul
  • Alexandria
  • Stannos
  • Ahmut
  • Nefertari
  • Aravis
  • Melusine
  • Th'londrir
  • Aenara
  • Xayl'thir
  • Daevos
  • Yelina
Aeyastra is an Assassin who can deal good AoE damage and can shatter the enemy's defenses, as well as increase her own damage based on the level her skills are upgraded to. She is also able to do that from a safe distance, making her an amazing unit for any team.

Alexios is a Tank belonging to the Eudic faction, which has an advantage against the Daevic heroes - however, he is also able to basically weaken enemies and freeze them (and their teammates) in time, while continuously attacking the enemy team. His stats are further boosted by his passive, making him a very viable tank.

Nyras is a Control Warrior, who relies heavily on team setup. By counting the advantages and disadvantages on the battlefield, Nyras has a unique play style but is also extremely powerful if placed with the right heroes and when challenging the right enemies.

Ever Legion S Tier heroes

Ever Legion tier list - Keelia
At the S tier of the Ever Legion tier list, we have the second best characters - they are very good, reliable, and while not all players could end up having a lineup with just S+ tier characters, picking some of the S+ tier and S tier could definitely land you a good, powerful team.
  • Holech
  • Oroth
  • Cyrilla - Ruby of the Sea
  • Leuka
  • Excessium
  • Ahasver
  • Constanza
  • Oberon
  • Gatek
  • Ul'Gosh
  • Niviana
  • Genevieve
  • Robert
  • Olivier
  • Edward
  • Asmodai
  • Anne
  • Brenia
  • Leolas
  • Julia
  • Desmond
  • Godfrey
  • Seithmann
  • Keelia
  • Velnak
  • Rogrys
  • Creithylad
  • Sulien
  • Celtchar
  • Malakith
  • Gar'zak
  • Aylwyn
  • Iya'thill
Asmodai is a Control Mage who can cause enemies to attack each other with her Ultimate. She has decent stats and attacks, as well as crowd control skills, but is quite situational, therefore not landing in the upper tier.

Ahasver is a Support specialising in debuffs, which makes him great for PvP but not exactly top tier when it comes to simple PvE. He is not too powerful in terms of damage caused by his skills, but the debuffs he applies are top-tier.

Nivianais an AoE Mage who deals insane amounts of damage to multiple enemies, applying a shock-like effect which increases all subsequent damage dealt to them. She also buffs the ally with the highest damage, while stacking up her critical hit chance, making the Ultimate skill hit harder every time it casts.

Ever Legion A Tier heroes

Ever Legion character Puith
A tier heroes are not some of the best Ever Legion characters, but they are good enough to use if you have them upgraded and equipped with decent gear. They could still lose if facing a very strong opponent, hence the A Tier, but overall they're a pretty safe investment and fairly reliable characters to add to your team.
  • Grukzag
  • Kulgaz
  • Heinrich
  • Dorlin
  • Psyche
  • Aello
  • Armog
  • Yunalesca
  • Puith
  • Maeve
  • Arawn
  • Blodeuweth
  • Rhiannon
  • Elyarill
  • Viridy
  • Llyr
  • Dirwyn
  • Kaspar
  • Herla
  • Mawi
  • Globnik
  • Cruban
  • Donnith
  • Sera
  • Wadjetta
Puith is a rather classical Tank, with the ability to reduce magical damage received by allies and summon undead warriors to protect the team. He is not extremely tanky himself, relying a lot on the summons and the shields that he can cast on allies.

Maeve is a Mage that has pretty decent sustain from her Darkness Feast skill, while also dealing a good chunk of damage to enemies. You want to build her sort of like a tank-mage or HP-mage, because with her Queen's Prerogative passive her ATK increases based on HP. Overall she's a good, reliable unit if you have more AoE damage and don't have to rely solely on her.

Blodeuweth is a high DPS Mage that can shred through the weaker allies, giving her good clear speed as well as control immunity from her Ultimate.

Ever Legion B Tier heroes

Aaranella hero
While these heroes are in the next-to-last tier, they could work in certain scenarios. For instance, some of them might be quite decent at PvP, but still not the best. You should use them if you have no better ones, but switch them out as soon as you have acquired some better characters because it isn't going to pay off using and upgrading them in the long run.
  • Heinrich
  • Chretien
  • Tam
  • Kveldor
  • Katerina
  • Leapfrog
  • Urash
  • Gretchen
  • Bruk'daz
  • Aaranella
  • Holiburn
  • Lailoken
  • Ruthven
Gretchen is an Assassin that targets the highest energy opponent, scaling her damage off of the enemy's Energy. She is fast and fairly tanky for an Assassin, and a decent burst unit overall.

Ruthven is a Tank with the ability to deal AoE damage, all the while recovering some of his HP. If you are familiar with League of Legends, he is extremely similar in play style to Vladimir, transforming into a pool and recovering percentage of his lost HP.

Aranella is a Debuffer with pretty decent DPS, but nothing out of the ordinary. She applies a Slow and Bleed effect that can stack, which can be good in some situations.

Ever Legion C Tier heroes

Undead Swordsman fully equipped

We do not recommend using these heroes at all. They are not good, only at the very few stages at the start of the game. Most of them only have 2 skills and therefore a very set maximum power that they can be upgraded to.

  • Royal Priest
  • Royal Guard
  • Ogre Warrior
  • Chaos Shaman
  • Forest Spirit
  • Forest Guardian
  • Undead Swordsman
  • Undead Fighter
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