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TetDraw - Relax Puzzle

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TetDraw - Relax Puzzle

There are three indispensible elements of Tetris. The first is its accessible but intense 2D puzzling, the second is an iconic collection of irregular polygons, and the third is a jaunty Soviet theme tune.

TetDraw borrows just one of these: the tetriminoes. All your favourites are here – the L shape, the zig-zaggy one, and the ever-popular straight line – but rather than falling from on-high these familiar figures must now be sketched directly onto the playfield.

And although clearing lines remains the name of the game, TetDraw doesn't want to rush you. Instead, in-game dialogue encourages a sedate pace of play, and soothing sounds are designed to lull you into a state of zen-like relaxation as you place your tiles.

But TetDraw's undemanding puzzles don't actually require all that much contemplation. In fact, the game's gentle difficulty curve means that slapdash doodlers will progress just as swiftly as calm and considered players.

The game's pastel graphics and charmingly earnest tone make it a pleasing diversion, but those looking to exercise their grey matter might be better served by something a little more challenging – or a lot more fast-paced.

TetDraw - Relax Puzzle

TetDraw deliberately eschews intensity for tranquillity, but provides little in the way of challenge either
James Nouch
James Nouch's news editor 2012-2013