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All of the Whips in Terraria and How to Get them

A guide to getting each Whip in Terraria.

All of the Whips in Terraria and How to Get them
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Like Minecraft, Terraria still sees a lot of gameplay action among many, including myself. The problem is that I'm still not the best player since I die of a lot of traps and monsters. What works against me is a lack of preparation as I need to take way more time investing in crafting quality armor and weapons. However, there are so many to choose from each offering their own ups and downs as you swing them around in arcs and launch projectiles all over the place. Though, I may have better luck if I try to master the whip.

Thanks to games like Castlevania and characters like Indiana Jones, the Whip has transformed from a taming tool to a viable weapon. It's definitely not one of the earlier weapons that you'll get in Terraria but they can be quite handy. They're a melee weapon with range and flexibility giving you tons of coverage. They also cause any friendly units to swarm whatever target you hit with them. Unfortunately, they can also be very rare requiring certain conditions and a mess of materials to obtain them. This is made more difficult by the fact that most of the Whips are only available in Hardmode. You can make a whole campaign out of trying to get all of them and here's how you do that.

Leather Whip

This is likely the first Whip you'll get in the game. As a result, it's very weak with decent speed and shouldn't be used until you're able to get some minions.

To get this Whip, you'll need 10 Gold. Once you have it, look for the Zoologist NPC and buy it from them.


You can get this Whip once you make it to the Jungle Biome. Though not much stronger than the Leather Whip, it's definitely more useful. It gives you the Jungle's Fury buff to improve melee speed and applies the Poisoned debuff when used on enemies.

To craft this Whip, you'll need to collect 15 Stingers, 3 Vines, and 12 Jungle Spores. The Vines and Spores can be obtained from destroying plants in the Jungle while the Stingers can be gotten from Bees. After you get them all, combine them on an Iron or Lead Anvil.

Spinal Tap

Named after one of the best fictional rock bands in history, Spinal Tap looks like an actual spine. It does twice as much damage as the Snapthorn in exchange for not having any buffs of debuffs.

This Whip requires 90 Bones and 55 Cobwebs. Bones are dropped from skeletons and boney enemies like Angry Bones and Cursed Skulls, while Cobwebs have to be gathered and are found commonly in the underground. After you have these, you can make the Whip on a Work Bench.

Cool Whip (Hardmode Only)

As the name implies, this Whip is icy in appearance with a very clean look. When it strikes an enemy, a Snowflake is summoned and it will hone in on the nearest enemy. It also inflicts the Frostbite debuff on enemies dealing damage while it's in effect and inhibiting health regeneration. This Whip's main weakness is its very low Knockback power so try not to get surrounded.

The crafting recipe for the Cool Whip is eight pieces of Soul of Light, eight pieces of Soul of Night, and one Frost Core. The first can be found in Divine Crates, the second in Defiled and Hermatic Crates, and the last from slaying an Ice Golem. Once you have all the ingredients, you can assemble them at a Mythril or Orichalum Anvil.

Dark Harvest (Hardmode Only)

This evil-looking Whip that could've been taken from the Grim Reaper's closet appears to be made of bone. When you use it on a target, they receive a "dark aura" which causes a burst of damaging energy to emanate whenever they're hit by one of your minions. The Whip also gives you the Harvest Time buff which briefly raises your melee speed.

This is a special weapon that can only be obtained during the Pumpkin Moon event. When this happens, you need to slay the Pumpking in order to get the Dark Harvest.

Durendal (Hardmode Only)

This Sword-like Whip would have Ivy from Soulcalibur feeling envious. It's one of the simpler Whips you can wield as it has no significant effects on minions or targets. It gives you the Durendal's Blessing buff which improves your attack speed.

You can craft this whip if you have 12 Hallowed Bars and Mythril or Orichalum Anvil. Unfortunately, you'll have to do a lot of grinding in order to get all the necessary bars. This is because they're only dropped by mechanical bosses like Skeletron Prime.

Firecracker (Hardmode Only)

Since the Whip cracks it makes sense to combine it with fireworks for fiery effects and a clever name. Using it on enemies inflicts them with the Hellfire debuff that causes them to take damage over a few seconds. It's a decently strong and fast Whip that will carve through weaker enemies easily.

This is another Whip that can't be crafted as it requires you to defeat the Wall of Flesh. This is one of the harder boss fights in the game and there's only a 12.5 per cent chance to drop. Your chances are increased to 25 per cent in Expert Mode.

Kaleidoscope (Hardmode Only)

A sparkly and spectrum-filled Whip that looks like it's made of rainbow-coloured glass, this weapon is very powerful. Due to its high damage, the Kaleidoscope doesn't have any other notable effects.

Another Whip that can't be crafted, it's only dropped from the Empress of Light. This boss is considered extremely difficult and it's recommended that you don't challenge her until after you've beaten the Golem. She has two forms and there's only a 25 per cent chance of getting the Kaleidoscope.

Morning Star (Hardmode Only)

Seeming to come directly from the Castlevania universe, this Whip is chain-like with a spiked ball at the end. This is the strongest out of all the Whips and to top it off, it has a powerful Knockback stat. Its weakness comes from its slow attack rate and it doesn't have any additional effects.

You can't craft this Whip and you won't be able to get it from bosses either. The only way to get it is by defeating the Blue, Rusty, and Hell-Armored Bones enemies found throughout the dungeons after defeating Plantera. Though you can cut through a bunch of these enemies, it may take you a while since there's only a 0.5 per cent chance of getting the Morning Star.

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