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Top 10 Terraria mods that will open new worlds for you

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Top 10 Terraria mods that will open new worlds for you

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Terraria is a surprisingly big game thanks to its pixelated art style and interconnected controls. You can play solo or with people online to accomplish whatever goals the games give you and the ones you give yourself. There's a large roster of bosses threatening the world that you can defeat, each one posing a considerable challenge to both the prepared and unprepared. The world provides you with a number of different Biomes to explore and materials to harvest for gear and structures. If you want to spend all your time building, there's a lot of ground to cover, but mods make you question if it can be expanded.

The Terraria Community is a big and creative one. Being about building blocks of nature, the game is built to be modded and altered by dedicated players and designers. There's an official Mod Wiki for Terraria as well as tools to make it easier. These mods can do anything from altering the game's mechanics to adding in new items, new weapons, new enemies, and new bosses. What's more impressive is that they can add entirely new environments and transform the world at its core. If you add any of the following mods to your game, you'll be taken to strange new places.

You can download the Terraria Modding DLC here.

After you do that, here is the list of the best Terraria mods that you can apply to make the whole experience more enjoyable and vivid.

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Aequus mod If you're looking for more underground variety, the Aequus Mod can certainly help with that. It adds the additional biomes in the Underground Forest, the Crab Crevice, and the Gore Nest. Some of these places are mysterious while others are intimidating and dangerous, but all provide a solid degree of adventure. It also includes several new events called Glimmer, Demon Siege, and Gale Streams. You won't be ill-equipped to handle them since you'll receive a bunch of new items and mechanics like being able to master Necromancy and create Pylon Drones.

Download Aequus (free)


Thorium mod One of the biggest mods out there is the Thorium Mod, which adds a natural and green theme to Terraria. It truly was made to expand the world with all sorts of new biomes and environmental effects occurring. Among them are the Aquatic Depths, the Ice Biome, the Floating Island, and the Underground Desert to name a few. You'll also be able to experience a variety of new mechanics like being able to train as a Bard and learn ways to prevent death. There are also a bunch of new enemies to contend with like Queen Jellyfish, Forgotten One, and the Illusionist.

Download Thorium (free)


Orchid mod Some mods are so big that they call for their own add-ons, and this is what the Orchid Mod does for the Thorium Mod. Although it works on its own, it's made to be compatible with the much larger mod. By doing this, it's able to add a whole new angle to Thorium in Terraria. You can now train as a Shaman, Alchemist, Guardian, and Gambler to mix things up. There are also batches of new items for several types of categories including Pets, Potions, and Furniture while the new classes also get their own unique items.

Download Orchid (free)

Mod Of Redemption

Mod Of Redemption "Redemption" is one of those words that catch the eye, which is why so many movies and games use it. It also works for Terraria as it was used to name the Mod of Redemption. With such a world, it can be applied to a manner of themes and time periods, so there are no limits when it comes to creating new biomes. Based on the list, there appears to be a sci-fi theme that adds a futuristic element to Terraria. The new areas include such places as the Abandoned Laboratory, the Wasteland, the Crashed Ship, and the alluring Golden Gateway.

Download Mod of Redemption (free)


Calamity The concept of a calamity holds a lot of weight and has been used in so many stories to set up scenarios or create an inciting incident. You can install one directly into Terraria if you choose to add in the Calamity Mod. Calamity brings a whole other level of risk and chaos which spills into many aspects of the game. You can get a sense of this from the new biomes of the Arensal Labs, the Sulphurous Sea, and the obviously-named Evil Island. While exploring, be wary of new enemies like the Nuclear Terror, the Slime God, the Ravager, and the Devourer of Gods.

Download Calamity (free)

The Stars Above

The Stars Above The Terraria modding community is very active and prolific to the point where they have their own standout entries. One such entry is The Stars Above, which proudly states that it has been downloaded over one million times. The Mod adds a star-faring element to the game with new mechanics allowing you to become a Starfarer. It also opens you up to mechanics like Cosmic Voyages, Stellar Novas, and the Stellar Array. You can then explore mini-dungeons and visit the Observatory Hyperborea. Keep an eye out for the Dying Citadel.

Download The Stars Above (free)

Homeward Journey

Homeward Journey mod for Terraria Home is where the heart is, and there are as many tales about returning home as there are about leaving home. This is the inspiration behind the Homeward Journey Mod. The longer you play Terraria, the further you'll end up from your starting point as you seek out new biomes, materials, and bosses to slay. By deciding to return home, the Mod presents a new obstacle in the ominous Abyss biome. While making your way through the darkness with all the experience you've gained, you'll be forced to face new threats in the Motherbrain and the Marquis Moonsquid.

Download Homeward Journey (free)


Polarities When it comes to polarity, the opposing points create tremendous sources of conflict whenever they're forced together. The Polarities Mod uses this conflict to generate a selection of new assets. The content affects all parts relating to the character and the world. In terms of the latter, there are more places to explore when it comes to the Salt Cave, the Limestone Cave, and the Lava Ocean. You'll also have to endure the devastating effects of the Rapture and Pestilence events. Survive those and you may have the chance to face the Storm Cloudfish, Esophage, and Star Construct.

Download Polarities (free)

Ancients Awakened

Ancients Awakened There's a lot of fiction floating around the idea of the beings that existed before humanity, and some of them are terrifying. The Ancients Awakened Mod puts that thought into your head as you prepare for a much harder survival-themed experience. Should you meet the new Fanatic NPC, you may be pushed to take on the Grips of Chaos. However, if that's too much to jump into, you can get some experience by exploring the new biomes of the Inferno and the Mire, both above and below ground.

Download Ancients Awakened (free)

Fargo's Mod

Fargo's Mod What better way to go into a familiar world than to change it at its core? This is what the Fargo's Mod does, split into several pieces all focusing on different aspects of Terraria. They come together to add new NPCs, recipes, materials, and vanity. Then there are the new accessories, equipment, and boss enemies in the Trojan Squirrel, Eridanus, and the Mutant. The coup de grace comes with Eternity Mode, intended to make Terraria's world harder than it has ever been before.

Download Fargo's Mod (free)
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