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Terraria: What are illegal gun parts and how to obtain them

Why would you even obtain illegal gun parts in Terraria? Because they are powerful enough to risk it all.

Terraria: What are illegal gun parts and how to obtain them
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The cool thing about Terraria is that you don't actually know what time period it's taking place in. In fact, that's what makes it fun, because you start thinking that you're in the Stone Age and work your way up to futuristic levels. When you're starting out, you barely have anything, just being able to work with wood and the stones that you find in your early days of mining. However, some things can't be crafted and you'll need to search all over the biomes to find certain ingredients. These can be found in chests, dropped by special enemies/bosses, or obtained from NPCs. Depending on what you get, you can make yourself some pretty sweet equipment.

Among those are firearms that you can craft yourself for some massive and - dare I say - impressive-looking damage. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as sticking pieces of volatile materials together; otherwise, Terraria would just be overrun with guns. To get such power for yourself, you need a very specific item known as the Illegal Gun Parts. Though the presence of law and order in Terraria is shaky at best, most are willing to turn a blind eye to those looking for these dangerous materials.

What are Illegal Gun Parts?

Illegal gun parts in Terraria on a black background

As stated by their name, Illegal Gun Parts are pieces of guns of a less-than-legal nature. Their sprites make them look like darkish-gold pieces including muzzles and stocks. They're a necessary crafting material if you want to craft certain weapons, specifically the Flamethrower, Megashark, and Sandgun.

These weapons are all fairly powerful and give you way more options by allowing you to fight at a distance, making them a good choice for boss fights. However, you'll need multiple sets of Illegal Gun Parts if you want to craft all of them, so prepare to do some grinding in order to get what you need.

How to Obtain Illegal Gun Parts

Terraria character near a waterfall

Despite their name and how Terraria normally plays out when it comes to obtaining special crafting materials, the Illegal Gun Parts are quite straightforward if you've got the cash. To get your hands on them, you need to visit the Arms Dealer at night and buy them. Depending on the platform that you're playing on, they can cost between 20 and 25 Gold coins.

First, you need to get the Arms Dealer to move in. To do this, you need to build a house and make sure that it has an empty room. This can be done by cutting down surrounding trees, then crafting walls, wooden panels, and basic amenities like a table, chair, and/or bed. Once you do this, the Arms Dealer will have a place to stay and offer you their services.

However, the second condition can be a bit trickier since it's based on RNG: you need to be carrying in your inventory either a Bullet or a type of Gun. Both can be found randomly while exploring the mines, but your best bet is to search Wooden Chests for the Blowpipe and then hold onto it until the Arms Dealer appears in the empty house.

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