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How to build the Terraria cell phone step by step

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How to build the Terraria cell phone step by step

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It seems like everyone in the world has a cell phone. Kids seem to be getting them at younger and younger ages, so I guess it’s no surprise that Terraria, an open-world crafting, exploration, building and survival game has a cell phone that you can create. However, the Terraria cell phone is really difficult to create, since there's a quest that you need to embark on and dedicate time to before you can get it.

The Terraria cell phone is a great object if you do make it, so it is very much worth your time. You are able to use the phone to see all sorts of information that can help your gameplay, as well as use the phone to teleport back to your home without having to travel back there on foot yourself. Once you have a cell phone, you will find that the game itself is easier, in a few different ways, if you take full advantage of it.

Steps to build the Terraria cell phone

This process does take some time and planning and is the second-longest object to make in the entire game. To start off your adventure of becoming someone who owns a cell phone, you will need to collect a few crafting materials to start off with, but don’t worry, you have options.

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Step 1: Obtain the Mirror

You will need either a Magic Mirror or an Ice Mirror to create your Terraria cell phone, and these options do not make any difference to the end product of your phone. You will be able to find a Magic Mirror in chests in the Underground or Cavern layers. The Ice Mirror can be found in Frozen Chests, specifically in the Ice Biome. If you happen to be playing in Journey Mode, then any new character you create will already have a Magic Mirror to begin with, which can help speed up this entire process.

Step 2: Craft the GPS

Once you have your Mirror, you will need to make a GPS. This will take a bit of crafting. You will need to take ten gold or platinum bars and a chain, then craft them into a gold or platinum watch on a table and chair. Again, it doesn’t matter which one you craft. Then, you will need to take that watch along with the Depth Meter and the Compass and combine them in a Tinkerer’s Workshop to create a GPS.

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Step 3: Craft R.E.K 3000

Next, you will need to create a R.E.K 3000, which requires you to combine the Radar, Tally Counter and Lifeform Analyzer at a Tinkerer’s Workshop. You can find a Radar in surface chests, wooden crates, and pearlwood crates that can be obtained from fishing. The Tally Counter is a bit more challenging, with a 1% drop rate from Angry Bones, Cursed Skulls and Dark Casters in the Dungeon. The Lifeform Analyzer can be purchased from the Traveling Merchant for five gold.

Step 4: Craft Goblin tech

Now, you will need to make the Goblin Tech with a DPS Meter, Stopwatch and a Metal Detector. The DPS Meter and Stopwatch can be purchased from the Traveling Merchant, for five gold each. The Metal Detector is a drop item from killing Nymphs in the Cavern. There is a 50% drop rate in the base game, with a 10% drop rate if you are playing in Expert or Master Mode. You will then combine these items in the Tinkerer’s Workshop to create Goblin Tech.

Step 5: Obtain the Fish Finder

In order to get a Fish Finder, you will need a Fisherman’s Pocket Guide, Weather Radio, and Sextant. To gain the Fisherman’s Pocket Guide, Weather Radio, and Sextant you have a 33.3% chance of gaining one by completing quests for the Angler. You’ll end up having to complete quests until you get all of those items. Once you have all three, again, you will need to combine them in the Tinkerer’s Workshop.

Step 6: Craft your Terraria Cell Phone

Now that you have all of the materials that you need to make your cell phone, you will need to combine a few of them. You can combine your GPS, R.E.K 3000, Goblin Tech and Fish Finder on the Tinkerer’s Workshop to make a PDA. Clearly, we are making our way through technology now. Once you have done that, you can combine your mirror with the PDA, on the Tinkerer’s Workshop, to get your cell phone.

Now, you will have your very own Terraria cell phone. Hopefully, it was worth it after all of this gathering, combining, and creating!

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