Teamfight Tactics latest patch introduces a brand new trait bonus, champion adjustments, and a fair share of brand new items

Teamfight Tactics latest patch introduces a brand new trait bonus, champion adjustments, and a fair share of brand new items

With the upcoming 12.11 patch, Teamfight Tactics will see a brand new set of characters and some brand new mechanics as well. With new traits, abilities, and items, it’s gonna be an exciting time for the League of Legends strategy auto-battler.

The primary theme of this new patch is the Dragonlands, an archipelago where each island hosts different biomes, critters, dragons, and champions. These are the main new units available in this patch, and they are no joke. These units count as two in your army, have a ton of bonus health, are double the cost of other units in their tier, and are generally super powerful. They also count for triple their trait bonus as well, so they’re quite a force to be reckoned with.

And what is this trait you might be asking? It’s called Shimmerscale, and as you unlock higher tiers of it, you’ll get access to some very powerful items exclusive to that trait. A few of these items are:

  • Draven’s Axe: Gain 1 attack damage per gold in your bank (up to 80). Every attack, this item gains a stack. At 100 stacks, you’ll gain 10 gold and 1 item component.
  • Goldmancer’s Staff: Gain 1 ability power per gold in your bank (up to 80) and a 40% chance to drop 2 gold on enemy kill.
  • Determined Investor: After the holder dies 8 times: This item returns to your item tray and transforms into Diamond Hands. Then, you’ll gain 1 Champion Duplicator and 15 gold.
  • Diamond Hands: Once per combat at 66% and 33% health, gain 1 gold and immunity for 2 seconds.
  • Philosopher’s Stone: Refreshing your Shop adds a stack to Philosopher’s Stone. Each Shop refresh has a chance to copy the holder and consume all stacks. More expensive champions are harder to copy.

This new trait bonus is the main mechanic that Dragonlands will introduce, but there are plenty of other new additions as well. For a more in-depth analysis of all of the changes that range from champion trait adjustments to item changes, you can check out the League of Legends news page on the official website for the patch 12.11 notes.

In the meantime, if you’re looking to get into the auto chess battler themed after the biggest MOBA in the world, you can check it for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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