Super Mombo Quest is an action-packed platformer that’s coming to mobile and PC in November

Orube Game Studio has announced Super Mombo Quest will release soon

Super Mombo Quest is an action-packed platformer that’s coming to mobile and PC in November
| Super Mombo Quest

Super Mombo Quest is an upcoming action-packed precision platformer that is coming soon to Android, iOS, and Steam. Developer Orube Game Studio has just announced they will soon be releasing the game across multiple platforms.

Super Mombo Quest launch details

The game will be released on Android, iOS, and PC on November 4th. Starting from today, players can pre-register for the game on Google Play and Steam.

The developers have also published a release date announcement trailer for Super Mombo Quest, which is absolutely fun, and I highly recommend watching it. The trailer also gives us a good idea of the gameplay and what we can expect from the title.

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About the game

In Super Mombo Quest, you get to explore a magical dimension with loads of collectibles. Players can find secrets, free caged animals and whatnot! The objective is to clear each arena successfully. If you die in the process, you have to try repeatedly until you successfully beat all of them at once. But there is no time limit, which means you can take as much time as you want and explore the colorful world in the game.

As you progress, you unlock more special abilities that will help you breeze past some of the levels. Based on the game description, it has over 100 levels with thousands of evil enemies to be defeated. Players will have full freedom and can play however they like; they can pick up the items of their choice and upgrade them to come up with their own unique playstyle.

Some of the levels will also have boss enemies, and the ultimate goal is to show them that you are the real boss.

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