Summoners War: Chronicles has been downloaded over 5 million times in less than a week

Summoners War: Chronicles has been downloaded over 5 million times in less than a week

Summoners War: Chronicles has had the dream launch, amassing over five million players in less than a week since launch. The third iteration in the popular series was released on March 9th and boasts 110,000 concurrent users on PC and mobile in such a short span of time. The MMORPG’s slogan, “Together, nothing can stop us” really seems apt right now.

In just under a week, Summoners War: Chronicles has quickly become a fan-favourite on both the iOS and Android stores. Even Steam’s Progression Chart saw Chronicles at the top and it's already one of the top sellers on Valve. The Summoners War franchise has always been well-received, with over 180 million downloads already under its belt.

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Speaking about the launch and path ahead, Producer Eun-jae Lee, said: “I am happy to finally be able to present to you the game that we have been working on for a long time. I trust that Chronicles will bring you great satisfaction, in terms of fulfilment and enjoyment of the game. We will continue our qualitative monitoring of the game over the long term, and intend to communicate as much as possible with the players in Europe to continue to satisfy them.”

The game features a vast catalogue of over 350 monsters that can be summoned, collected, upgraded, and battled with. Players will explore five completely different open worlds as they complete quests and gather loot. Additionally, guilds can be created with friends to participate in various PvP and PvE challenges.

Summoners War: Chronicles is already topping the charts in Germany and France, even reaching number one on Steam in France. You can try the game out now for free by downloading it using either of the links below.

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