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Summoners War: Chronicles tier list - The best monsters to use, ranked

Summoners War: Chronicles tier list - The best monsters to use, ranked

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Updated on September 20th, 2023 - Checked for new characters

Looking for the best monsters to summon and use? Well, you’ve come to the right place as our Summoners War: Chronicles tier list will rank all the monsters currently available in the game according to various factors. As the game is still fresh and new, players might still be re-rolling their accounts in hopes of the best start! Do not worry; this tier list will answer all your questions regarding the best monsters to summon and use for a new account.

For those of you who love evaluating and ranking characters, we also have a Goddess of Victory: NIKKE tier list and Neural Cloud tier list - where we have included every character in the game - and a KoF All Star tier list among many others. Note that all of them are up to date with the latest patches and game changes.

To provide a thorough tier list for Summoners War: Chronicles is our main motive. As many players might be coming to the game for the first time or may be new to the gacha genre, understanding how it works is extremely important. 


  • Rarity – The base rarity of these monsters will be the primary factor to take into account while building the tier list for Summoners War Chronicles. This is due to the nature of the game where the lower rarity monsters have lower base stats and the higher rarity monsters have higher base stats. Naturally, these base stats play a major role in how these monsters perform in battles.
  • Skills – The skills of monsters are the primary reason for building the list. If all skills were the same, then there would be no need to make a tier list of any sort. Naturally, some monsters have bad skills that do not synergize with their other abilities.
  • Versatility – Monsters who are limited to performing in only 1 type of team will eventually be pushed down while monsters that can fit into any team will be pushed up in the Summoners War Chronicles tier list.
  • Usability in different game modes – Summoners War: Chronicles is an MMORPG that supports both PvE and PvP content. If a monster is good for only PvE/PvP content, that monster will be pushed down the tier list compared to a monster that excels in both types of content.

Keep revisiting this Summoners War: Chronicles tier list for future updated versions as new monsters are added or existing monsters are re-balanced.

Original article by Harsh Paliwal, updated by Mihail Katsoris.
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S-Tier Monsters

Before you check out the monsters below, it's important to know that it's difficult to select just one or two 'best monsters' since they can all have an equally great impact if properly upgraded and used against the right enemy. The S-tier in our Summoners War: Chronicles tier list is probably this packed exactly because it's difficult to select a handful of units and call them the best.

We divided the monsters in the S tier into two categories. For those who want to choose some of the absolute best (Monsters that have slightly better stats when min-maxing and in certain dungeons), we placed those above the line, but essentially, they are all equally good. So don't fret if you acquired one of the monsters below the line from the free 30 rerolls since, rest assured, they will do their job as intended.

  • Beast Monk (all)
  • Mermaid (all)
  • Paladin
  • Valkyrja (Fire, Dark)
  • Vampire (Fire, Wind, Light, Dark)
  • Sylph (Fire, Light)
  • Archangel (Dark)
  • Occult Girl (all)
  • Undine (all)
  • Panda Warrior (Fire)
  • Ifrit (all)
  • Jack-o'-lantern (all)
  • Chimera (all)
  • Sky Dancer (all)
  • Pirate Captain (all)
  • Pioneer (all)
  • Hyeonu Kim (Fire)
  • Vampire Hunter (all)
  • Saitama (all)
  • Silverfang (all)
  • Garou (all)
  • Terrible Tornado (all)

  • Harpy (Water, Dark)
  • Epikion Priest (all)
  • Lich (all)
  • Polar Queen (all)
  • Magic Knight (all)
  • Valkyrja (Water, Wind, Light)
  • Vampire (Water)
  • Desert Queen (all)
  • Monkey King (all)
  • Sylph (Water, Wind, Dark)
  • Archangel (Light, Wind, Water, Fire)
  • Panda Warrior (Water, Wind, Light, Dark)
  • Joker (all)
  • Raven (all)
  • Kobold Bomber (all)
  • Martial Cat (all)

Valkyrja is one of the absolute best units in the game for a number of reasons - not only does she have high base stats, but every element she comes in has a set of benefactor skills for any team or setup. The Fire Valkyrja is outstanding for PvP, so we placed her slightly above the rest.

Undine comes as a healer under every element, and she is probably one of the best (if not THE BEST) in the entire game. Her kit provides so many great features, from revival (as Dark and Water) to invincibility (as Light) and many more. We recommend you keep her especially if you plan on playing as Cleaf or Orbia.

A-Tier Monsters

  • Mystic Witch (Wind, Light, Dark)
  • High Elemental (all)
  • Hell Lady (all)
  • Griffon (all)
  • Oracle (all)
  • Soleta
  • Nine-Tailed Fox (all)
  • Amazon (Dark, Light, Wind, Water)
  • Inferno (all)
  • Cow Girl (Fire, Dark)
  • Imp Champion (all)
  • Harpu (all)
  • Harg (all)
  • Harp Magician (Light)
  • Beetle Knight (all)
  • Narin Ha (Water)
  • Mi Ryeong (Wind)
  • AV (Light)
  • Atomic Samurai (all)
  • Genos (all)
  • King (all)

Harpu stands out as a monster that can remove beneficial effects from enemies in the Wind element, or apply various negatives on them with the Deadly Wings. The last skill, the Sharp Feather, is quite good no matter the element, as it also applies more negative effects or deals damage.

Marial Cat is an amazing monster that can counterattack, apply CC, inflict negative effects and a bunch more others, which makes her a top-tier unit for people who need a versatile monster with relatively short cooldowns, able to inflict good damage.

B-Tier Monsters

  • Fairy (Fire, Light, Dark)
  • Vivachel (all)
  • Frankenstein (Water, Light, Dark)
  • Imp (all)
  • Pixie (Water, Fire, Dark)
  • Hellhound (all)
  • Garuda (all)
  • Warbear (all)
  • Penguin Knight (all)
  • Vagabond (all)
  • Mystic Witch (Fire, Water)
  • Inugami (all)
  • Battle Mammoth (all)
  • Amazon (Fire)
  • Werewolf (all)
  • Cow Girl (Water, Wind, Light)
  • Howl (all)
  • Hellish Blizzard (all)
  • Mumen Rider (all)

The Fire Amazon is a monster that has some amazing stats, but although they are amazing, her abilities are still lacking compared to the higher-tier monsters.

The Mystic Witches featured here are a 4-Star Fire/Water elemental monsters with a decent skill that can debuff enemies, reducing their defenses and leaving them unable to receive buffs.

C-Tier Monsters

  • Fairy (Water, Wind)
  • Living Armor (all)
  • Golem (all)
  • Grim Reaper (all)
  • Serpent (all)
  • Frankenstein (Fire, Wind)
  • Salamander (all)
  • Harpy (Fire, Wind, Light)
  • Charger Shark (all)
  • Mummy (all)
  • Pixie (Wind, Light)
  • Elemental (all)
  • Yeti (all)
  • Gore (all)
  • Lizardman (all)

We would not recommend building a majority of these monsters as not only do they have low base stats but their abilities are quite lacklustre and do not support the rest of their kit. One of the exceptions that players might wish to build is Hathor as she has a decent skill set. She is the only monster that can reduce the cooldown timers of skills of other monsters in the formation.

D-Tier Monsters

  • Forest Keeper (all)
  • Horned Frog (all)
  • Mushroom (all)
  • Mimick (all)
  • Slime (all)
  • Sandman (all)
  • Ghost (all)
  • Low Elemental (all)
  • Maned Boar (all)
  • Monster Flower (all)
  • Skull Soldier (all)
  • Mischievous Bat (all)
  • Battle Scorpion (all)
  • Surprise Box (all)
  • Avoid building any of these monsters as their base stats and abilities are quite bad compared to the rest of the monsters included in the Summoners War: Chronicles tier list. Your resources are extremely precious, especially during the early game. Make sure to make the right decisions while using these scarce resources and do not waste them on any of the monsters mentioned above unless absolutely needed.

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