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Summoners Greed - The best teams that will make you unstoppable

Summoners Greed - The best teams that will make you unstoppable

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A perfect composition or team setup is not known to exist in Summoners Greed but there’s no denying that certain team comps feel much easier to use and result in faster map clears. It all boils down to the different types of heroes and the synergy you can create with them to take out the mobs of enemies faster and more efficiently. Summoners Greed is an idle RPG that does not require much manual gameplay from the side of the player as it pretty much plays by itself with a near-perfect success rate.

Players simply need to choose a formation of heroes to clear the map, click on start and watch the match take place. Players can actively look at what’s happening on the battlefield and judge what went wrong or right, depending if they face defeat or emerge victorious. In this guide for best teams to use in Summoners Greed, we will mention some of the core teams that are popular among veterans and are recommended to new players to progress faster. Of course, some of you may wish to create your own team compositions, and we applaud it, but then you'll have to take a look at the Summoners Greed tier list and pick the right characters yourself.


Before we start the list of the teams, we want to lay out why we've chosen certain monsters. Firstly, it’s important to know that the monsters chosen for the team formations have a specific role to fulfil. Players can feel free to switch out the monsters according to the options available to them, provided they fulfil any of the roles below:

  • Main DPS/Main Carry – These monsters are supposed to be your main damage dealers during the fight. The higher their rarity, the better they are generally due to their higher base stats and damage multipliers on abilities.
  • Stunners – These monsters are supposed to crowd-control mobs of enemies. This gives time and space for your DPS monsters to kill enemies nearer to them.
  • Slow/Reduce Movement Speed – Similar to Stun monsters, these units are placed at points where a junction of enemies moves from. They lower the movement speed of enemies.
  • Secondary DPS/Secondary Carry – Just like main carries, secondary DPS or secondary carries are required in maps where many enemies are spawning simultaneously. They help ease the burden on your main carry to defeat the enemies in time.

Understanding the basics of team formation is highly important in an idle game like Summoner’s Greed as you do not want your precious resources being wasted on monsters that provide no use in any of your teams. Creating the right synergy in Summoner’s Greed is the key to winning battles and clearing early-mid game maps.

Click on the big blue button at the bottom to view some of the best teams you can compose in Summoner’s Greed in 2022.

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Team 1 - Flamey-Speedy-Mighty-Teddy-Sluggy-Frostbite-Deathbite-Puffy-Infernus

In this team, players can position their main DPS monster, Flamey, in between Speedy and Mighty to boost its overall damage. Going forward, we will be seeing this trend continue since Speedy and Mighty are the best combination of monsters to use along with your main DPS monster in the front row due to their attack speed increase and damage amplification, respectively.

In the second row, the constant stuns provided by teddy along with the movement speed and slow debuff provided by Sluggy help our DPS consistently kill enemies before reaching the treasure chest. In this setup, Frostbite is also included as a safety measure as he can freeze enemies. Lastly, for the back row, we have a great combination of DPS plus Stuns to help increase our damage and further slow down enemies.

Team 2 - Speedy-Kevin-Mighty-Ash-Sluggy-Sparky-Slimey-Puffy-Slime King

In this team, we are positioning Kevin as our main DPS carry along with Speedy and Mighty to boost adjacent allies' attack speed and damage. We are using Kevin here due to his base damage, which is the highest among cost-effective monsters. In the second row, the first monster placed should be Ash, another cost-effective monster that can deal AoE Stuns that immobilise enemies caught in the projectile for 4 seconds.

Sluggy and Sparky take up the middle and right side of the second row to provide more crowd control for our frontline to ramp up their damage. The third row is where this team gets interesting. Slime King is another great DPS hero that can be used either on the right-hand side or left-hand side of the row. His damage dealt is far superior to Puffy, hence why he’s being placed in the corner.

Team 3 - Deathbite-Anubis-Ra-Jiraiya-Horus-Zeus-Hades-Amaterasu-Speedy

One of the best teams to clear the Kami Pantheons Retributions map. In the first row, we have the core DPS combo of Anubis and DeathBite where Anubis marks the enemies, making them vulnerable to more damage. Ra is traditional support that stops allies from being crowd controlled by enemies.

In the second row, we have the classic combo of Horus and Jiraiya that helps disrupt the movement of enemies on the map, crowd controlling them into moving slowly towards the treasure chest. Lastly, the bottom row contains our huge DPS powerhouses, Hades and Amaterasu. Anubis in the front centre will help amplify damage whereas Speedy on the bottom right helps increase Attack Speed.

Team 4 - Speedy-Cappuccino-Mighty-Kevin-Yeti-Chilly-Slime King-Sluggy-Frostbite

One of the best teams to clear the Wrath of the Volcano map. In the front row, we have the totemic strategy involving Speedy and Mighty along with Cappuccino. This is a budget setup for free-to-play players. They can replace Cappuccino with any other consistent DPS/crowd controller like Amaterasu. In the second row, we have Kevin, Yeti and Chilly. Kevin is the damage dealer in the setup and can also crowd control.

He can be placed in the front while Cappuccino can be placed in the second row if needed. Yeti and Chilly are great Ice elemental crowd controllers that can control the fire elemental enemies very well. In the last row, we have Slime King – a free-to-play AoE-targeting stunner that renders many enemies useless. Sluggy and Frostbite are additional crowd controllers dealing Ice elemental damage.

Team 5 - Deathbite-Anubis-Archimedes-Devon-Ra-The King in Yellow-Speedy-Amaterasu-Hellhound

One of the best teams to clear the Ice Queen’s Tempest map. In the first row, we have the combo of DeathBite and Anubis that can amplify the damage dealt by our carries. Archimedes is also present for the AoE-targeted Freeze debuff, which lasts for 2 seconds. Archimedes is also pretty cheap to deploy. To counter the high HP values in longer dungeons, Devon is really helpful but only after its first evolution. Ra and The King in Yellow are great enablers as well.

The King in Yellow changes your damage element to cosmic which makes all the damage dealt neutral, removing any element disadvantage. It also helps in bypassing the damage immunity of Ice Spirits present in the Ice Queen’s Tempest. The last row contains the majority of our damage dealers in the form of Amaterasu and Hellhound. Speedy exists in the bottom left corner to boost the attack speed of both of them.

These are the best teams for Summoners Greed at the moment. If you're playing similar games, you might be interested in the best teams for Mobile Legends Adventure and the best teams for Dragon Ball Legends as well.

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