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Street Fighter Duel: Best teams to pick

Street Fighter Duel: Best teams to pick

Team compositions are more important than any single character in the game. These are the best teams in Street Fighter Duel at the moment.

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Even the most potent Tier S characters don’t guarantee you a victory in Street Fighter Duel. To win, you must use perfectly combined teams where each character empowers other allies.

You will discover the best teams to pick in Street Fighter Duel here. We included some of the most powerful teams as well as accessible teams that perfectly fit beginners.

Of course, we have created a Street Fighter Duel guide that will come in handy to beginners, and a tier list for Street Fighter Duel characters where we have ranked them by their core usefulness and effectiveness.

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To find the best Street Fighter Duel teams, check the list below. Here we included two of the most potent comps you can create in the game.

Team one

  • Zangief (Tank)
  • Chun-Li (Assassin)
  • M.Bison (Attack)
  • Elena(Support)

The most crucial hero in this team who cannot be replaced is M. Bison. He is considered one of the most overpowered characters in the game, whose attacking capabilities are insane. Another hero who should be in the team for sure is Elena. She significantly increases the DEF and survival of your allies. Chun-Li is a hero who can be replaced, but it would be best to keep her in the team to reach the best battle effectiveness.

She is a powerful character who can adjust her in-game role depending on your purposes during battle. Zangief is the last character from the best Street Fighter Duel team and the most easily replaceable hero here. Zangief is a tank with an insane surviving potential. Still, many other fighters have similar stats to Zangief.

Team two

  • Gen (Assassin)
  • M. Bison (Attack)
  • Makoto (Tank)
  • Rose (Support)

Like in the previous build, M. Bison has a critical role here. He is the leading fighter who will deal tons of damage during the fight. So, it is impossible to replace him. Another essential character for this matchup is Gen. Along with M. Bison, he is one of the most potent attackers in the game. Moreover, he has significant surviving capabilities.

Rose is one of the best supports in the game. She significantly helps allies to cope even with the most powerful enemies, leading your team to victory. Makoto is a Tank that is needed only to absorb tons of damage. Feel free to replace him with any other SSS Tank. Take into account that these teams include only Tier A/S heroes. So, don’t get upset if you cannot create these teams as a beginner. Conversely, try to find a suitable replacement among your fighters.


If you are a beginner and cannot boast potent heroes in your collection, there is no reason to worry. If you combine good fighters and consider all their unique abilities, you can build a strong team as well. Check the list below for the best teams for beginners in Street Fighter Duel.

Starter team one

  • Ryu (Balanced)
  • Ibuki (Assassin)
  • Poison (Attack)
  • Blanka (Balanced)

Ryu and Blanka are used to absorb damage and must be used at the front lines. They are strong characters and are especially helpful during tough fights, so you need to upgrade them more than others. We understand that Blanka might not be the easiest character to get for beginners, so you can also use Dhalsim/Fei Long/Guy instead of Blanka.

Ibuki and Poison are the primary attackers in this team. These heroes should be used at the backline. Ibuki and Poison perfectly fit each other, so you can't replace them.

Starter team two

  • C. Viper (Attack)
  • Ryu (Balanced)
  • Ken (Balanced)
  • Ibuki (Assassin)

This build doesn’t significantly differ from the previous one but includes different fighters. The only problem in this team is getting C. Viper - this tier SSS character can be hard to acquire for beginners. So, try to find a replacement for her among other tier SSS attackers that you own.

The most significant problem about beginner teams is their lack of survival capabilities. Hakan is the only usable Tank in the early game, but you can be sure he is not worth your attention. So, try your best to replace some characters with strong tanks as you progress. It will make your team more powerful, providing extra survivability. Moreover, high-tier Tanks can be used as attackers during the opening game stages.


If you want to create a unique team perfectly suitable for your purposes, check the list below. Here are five tips to create the best team in Street Fighter Duel:

  • Include different types of characters
  • Practice in PvP fights
  • Don’t be afraid of experimenting
  • Adjust your team for specific battles
  • Use high-tier heroes

As you can see, you can create a powerful team even if you don’t have many characters. Moreover, a low-cost team can be suitable even in the late-game stages.

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