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Street Fighter Duel guide for beginners

Street Fighter Duel guide for beginners

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Street Fighter Duel is a way more complex game than it might seem. If you are a beginner, you need to be careful not to make mistakes that might slow down your progress in the game. That’s why we've created the Street Fighter Duel guide for beginners. Before you dive right into the guide, know that we also made a tier list for Street Fighter Duel where we have ranked all of the available fighters. New players will find this particularly useful.

Now, let's discuss how to reroll, upgrade your fighters, and other essential things!

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If you only started playing the game or intend to play Street Fighter Duel, you need to reroll. The trick is that the game gives you ten free Recruits as a registration reward. You are guaranteed to get an A or B fighter every ten Recruits, which means you can get a high-tier fighter even from the beginning.

Just check the Street Fighter Duel tier list and then do a reroll until you get powerful Tier A/S characters. If you're lucky enough to get two high-tier heroes, connect your account to social media and continue playing the game.


You will always have the opportunity to spend resources on improving your character. Even though most players try to level up all the fighters they obtain, this strategy doesn’t work, and as a result, they eventually lack resources during mid-game.

Street Fighter Duel has many heroes that become useless pretty fast. That’s why you should only upgrade the fighter once you are sure he or she will be useful up to the late game.

It allows you to build a powerful team and saves your resources for the moment when you get a Tier S hero, allowing you to instantly upgrade him or her to the maximum level.


If you head to the Draw section, you will find that the game provides you two options: purchase a single draw for 300 Gems or save up and get ten draws for 2,700 Gems. Even though most players prefer buying a single Recruit for 300 Gems, you need to be patient and purchase Recruits only when you have 2,700 Gems.

It significantly affects your in-game currency in the long run. Moreover, you are guaranteed to get an A or B fighter every ten draws, which makes purchasing ten Recruits at once even more profitable.


As Street Fighter Duel is a new video game, there are not that many strategies to follow. That’s why you might experience trouble creating your first team or choosing the most powerful hero to finish your setup.

Remember that your team should consist of fighters of different types. The ideal team must have a Support, an Attacker, and a Tank - you are, of course, free to experiment with different comps to see which one suits your playstyle best in Street Fighter Duel.


If you want to farm resources in Street Fighter Duel, completing missions and challenges is the way to go. It allows you to get fighter experience and Gems - one of the most valuable resources in the game. If you are an active player, 90% of the quest will be completed as you progress. So, just visit the missions tab and claim your free rewards.


If you want to progress in Street Fighter Duel, try your best to join an active Guild that will help you. Below, we have listed three of the main benefits you will get by joining a Guild.

  • New Friends - If you ever get bored of playing Street Fighter Duel solo, becoming a member of a Guild can quickly fix this problem. Here you can meet experienced players who can keep playing the game with you even if you leave the Guild.
  • Guild Shop - The guild is not only a place for having fun but also for getting in-game benefits. By joining a Guild, you can access the unique Guild Shop to buy valuable items.
  • New Experience - A guild provides players with many monthly, daily, and weekly challenges and guild tasks for more rewards.
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    Street Fighter Duel provides you with an AFK way of farming resources - Idle Gains. As you play the game, you constantly get various resources, including Fighter EXP - the most valuable resource.

    Here's how to farm idle rewards:

    • First, download Android Emulator on your PC.
    • Launch it and install Street Fighter Duel.
    • Open the game and then connect your PC to your main account.
    • After that, install an auto clicker to click on the empty area every five minutes.
    • Leave your PC so the game will reward you even if you are AFK.

    You can abuse Idle Gains even if you don’t have a PC. You only need to install the clicker on your smartphone and leave it just like a PC.

    That’s it with our Street Fighter Duel guide for beginners. If you consider this article helpful, feel free to share it with friends. We will try our best to give you the latest information about Street Fighter Duel and provide you with the latest guides about this video game.

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