Star Wars: Hunters finally reveals launch date after multiple delays over the last three years

This time it's not going to be pushed back

Star Wars: Hunters finally reveals launch date after multiple delays over the last three years
  • 4v4 multiplayer shooter set in the Star Wars universe
  • Multiple character classes and game modes to choose from
  • Releasing on June 4th

In our very own galaxy, not so far far away, Zynga was brewing a brand new Star Wars game called Star Wars: Hunters, an epic multiplayer arena shooter slated to launch on Android and iOS. This title was first revealed way back in February 2021 - and after years of delays, we finally have a launch date in sight. A trailer has been embedded below, which includes the highly anticipated date reveal.

Star Wars: Hunters promises a chaotic and fun multiplayer experience for fans of the franchise, with battles taking place in lots of iconic locations. While you may not see a tonne of familiar faces, the shooter will feature a diverse array of characters ranging from Mandalorians to members of the Sith, droids, stormtroopers, and more.

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You’ll be able to choose from a number of different classes that differ according to your preferred playstyle. The Damage class is naturally better at dealing several heavy attacks, while Support is better equipped to heal teammates and lengthen the duration of battles. Finally, Tank characters can decimate multiple foes together and are great at drawing attention away from others.

Why not take a peek at our first impressions of Star Wars Hunters before you go on?

The title will feature several game modes, each offering something different from the last. Dynamic Control and Power Control are similar to capture the flag and teams are tasked with controlling areas and holding them to gain points. Then there’s Squad Brawl where the first team to reach 20 eliminations wins, whereas in Trophy Chase, the first squad who manages to hold the TR0-F33 droid wins.

If you're a Star Wars fan, then what are you waiting for? Pre-register for Star Wars: Hunters on the App Store or Google Play and get your hands on exclusive rewards at launch. It will be released worldwide on June 4th. Visit the official website for more information.

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Tanish Botadkar
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