Star Wars Hunters tips and tricks

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Star Wars Hunters tips and tricks
| Star Wars: Hunters

Star Wars Hunters has soft-launched on Android in selected regions, including India, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. If you have already got your hands on it, here are some Star Wars Hunters tips and tricks to help you out.

Tip#1 - Pick the best heroes

The first thing you want to do is choose the best hero based on your skills before jumping into the action. There are eight hunters available at the moment, each with a unique playstyle and abilities. So, make sure to choose one that suits your playstyle. For example, if you like ranged heroes, go with Imara Vex or Sentinel, but if you like melee characters, go with J-3DI or Grozz.

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Hunter character

Tip#2 - Play your character’s role

Characters (Hunters) are divided into three classes. Each class has its own role to fulfil. If you choose a damage character, you are responsible for dealing maximum damage to enemies. A support character's role is to protect and heal teammates, while a tank's is to absorb damage and complete objectives, such as re-capturing a point.

So, make sure you play according to the character's role, don't take Support a character and try to play like a Tank, it will not just ruin your game, but you will be a burden to your team.

Gameplay of Star Wars Hunters

Tip#3 - Use auto-fire

I have never used auto-fire in any game. I have always suggested that players turn it off ASAP, but auto-fire is very helpful here. First, the auto-fire is pretty good here, and secondly, since you can’t customize controls, you will have to aim and shoot with the same finger if you turn off the auto-fire. Hence, leaving it on gets you far better results. But yes, if someday we’re allowed to customize the layout of controls, then go manual.

Tip#4 - Move and fire. The general rules of shooting apply

Star Wars Hunters is a 4v4 shooter, though it's not up to the level of Call of Duty Mobile or PUBG Mobile. It gives you complete control over the character, but in the end, it's a shooter, and general tips and tricks apply here. Such as, keep moving when you are shooting, it allows you to dodge bullets. Another tip is to use the head glitch, meaning stay behind a half cover so that you can shoot enemies easily, but they will have a hard time aiming at you.

Characters fighting tips

Tip#5 - Use the Target (Scope-in) button

The Target button is a must-use in Star War Hunters. It doesn't matter whether you have a ranged or melee character. Use this to lock your attacks on an enemy, and your character will keep attacking without distraction.

Ultimate abilities can change the game in seconds

Ultimate abilities are called ultimate for a reason. It can change the entire match in an instant. So make sure to use the ultimate wisely. Try to use it at a time when you can take down all four enemies. Also, keep collecting ultimate power-ups to reduce your cooldown whenever you get the chance.

So that concludes out Star Wars Hunters - Tips and tricks. For more guides, tips and tricks, and of course, Star Wars Hunters tier list stay tuned with us.