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Star War Hunters - Best character for beginners

Star War Hunters - Best character for beginners
| Star Wars: Hunters

If you are just about to begin your journey in Star War Hunters, this guide is for you. We will share the best character (hunter) that you should pick to increase your chances of winning and having more fun.

Before that, if you have been living under the rock, Star War Hunters has been soft-launched in India, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. If you are from another region but are still interested in getting your hands on the game, then you can check our Star Wars Hunters download guide.

Star War Hunters - Which character is best for beginners?

There are currently eight characters (hunters) available in Star Wars Hunter that you can choose from before in the 4v4 battles. They include Imara Vex, Rieve, Zaina, Grozz, J-3DI, Sentinel, Utooni, and Slingshot. However, since this guide is for beginners, we will only focus on Imara Vex, Rieve, Zaina and Grozz as they are the only four characters available for newcomers.

In Star War Hunters the best character for beginners is, no doubt, Imara Vex. She is a balanced hunter that has serious damage and excellent range. Though she doesn’t have a lot of HP, her good mobility covers up for that.

Star Wars Hunters character holding a rifle

Imara Vex fits in perfectly for all three modes. Furthermore, her abilities are easy to learn and use. Another reason why she is ideal for beginners is that she doesn’t have to engage with enemies directly; her primary weapon is the Blaster Rifle, which means she can stay far away from the action and support her team.

Imara Vex is a lone ranger; choosing this character (hunter) means you can do whatever you like and not ruin the match for your team. However, that doesn’t mean you are allowed to stand by and watch when your team is in trouble. Playing as Imara Vex, you will probably only die about 2-3 times in a match, which means you will get to spectate other characters’ abilities, which will help you quickly get better in the game.

Out of the four characters, Rieve is actually the most powerful. However, she is one of the most difficult hunters to learn. Once you have played around 15-20 matches, we recommend shifting from Imara Vex to Rieve.