Sega and Angry Birds creator Rovio's first big collaboration is announced as Sonic Rumble

Right when we thought Sonic Mania was the best of the franchise on mobile

Sega and Angry Birds creator Rovio's first big collaboration is announced as Sonic Rumble
  • Sonic Rumble is the newest game from the Sonic franchise for mobile
  • This PvP 32-player battle royale challenges you to outrace the competition
  • It's the first big collaboration between Sega and Rovio in development

Sega, in collaboration with Angry Birds developer Rovio, have announced a new mobile game from the Sonic franchise, Sonic Rumble. After the launch of Sonic Mania Plus for Netflix Games yesterday, it seems Sega felt the time was right to drop another bombshell on the world of mobile with this brand-new title. But what's Sonic Rumble all about?

Well, for certain people these next few words will be a deal-breaker; battle royale. Yes, Sonic Rumble is a 32-person PvP experience where you race against others to collect the most rings. Alright so technically it's more like a race, but you get the picture. Releasing this winter, Sonic Rumble is the first major collaboration between Rovio and Sega after the former was bought out and placed squarely as the leader of the Japanese developer's push into mobile.

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We'd note it's also a weird coincidence that Sonic Rumble is the second toy-themed spin-off of a major franchise we've seen recently. And Warcraft Rumble also had the title Rumble, coincidence? Eh, probably.

For Rovio and Sega, this is going to be the litmus test of what we can expect from these two companies working in tandem. Admittedly a multiplayer title is a very ambitious one, as it assumes that you can get enough Sonic mega-fans and have them be fans of a battle royale-esque game in order to keep it healthy. But go big or go home, this is a big indication that Sega isn't shying from leveraging Rovio's exceptional mobile talent.

If you're interested you can check out the upcoming closed beta taking place from May 24th to May 26th! If you're lucky enough to get in you might find that it's right up your alley.

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